I Corinthians 6:17

You are one Spirit With the Lord


1 Corinthians 6:17 but the one who joins himself to the LORD is one spirit with Him when you became born again when you gave your life to the LORD you entered into covenant with Him your spirit and His spirit became one you know what that means? sin that was in your spirit before you’re born again was 100% eradicated it wasn’t covered like happened in the old covenant by the blood of bulls and goats and animals it was blasted out of your spirit and the day you were born again your spirit was filled with the spirit of God wall to wall Holy Spirit and you became one spirit with Him so here’s what’s critical to understand at any moment in time in your life today as you go through life you’re going to identify with who God has recreated you to be in the spirit or you can identify with who you are in the flesh your flesh will rise up and it will capture your mind usually it captures your emotions first then your mind then your will you choose to act on a wrong attitude or wrong thought something that is sin something that’s displeasing to God and that comes from sin abiding in your flesh that’s not your body but the word flesh is just what the Bible uses to convey the remnant of sin that abides in you even after your spirit is born again but your spirit is filled with the Holy Spirit wall to wall Holy Spirit so here’s what that means after you sin or at any point in time you have a choice to identify with how your flesh has manifested through you or the truth of who you are in the spirit there’s a big difference between what’s true and The Truth The Truth is who God made you or recreated you to be in the spirit what’s true is yes I sinned I did something wrong that is absolutely true but that’s not The Truth so how do you deal with sin what do you do when sin manifests there’s a huge battle to be won after sin manifests many people just give up after sin manifests and I hear people pray this prayer all the time LORD please help me to never do that again just think about this who is the “me” you’re identifying with that you’re asking for help with? that’s actually your soul in bondage to sin in your flesh and you’re asking God to change that that’s like a flesh modification program God isn’t going to help change that He already changed it what He did is He let your spirit become one spirit with Him so what do you do? identify with who you are in the spirit not who you are in the flesh what does that mean? when sin manifests what do I do afterwards? I repent run to Him ask God to forgive me but after I’ve asked forgiveness I instantly receive it because the blood of Messiah is available cleanses me from all iniquity from all sin and now what do I do I don’t ask God oh please help me never do that again no I want to identify with myself who I am in the spirit THE TRUTH not what’s true I’m not denying that that happened and I’m not denying that I was responsible for it but what I’m saying is I refuse to identify with it I am not a lustful person I am not an angry person I’m not an impure person I’m not a person who lacks peace no, no I am all that God says I am I am those things out of the fruit of the spirit because that’s the truth of who I am in the spirit so what am I going to pray? Father thank you that I am pure thank you that I am holy thank you that I am righteous thank you that I am peaceful thank you that I’m one who loves and blesses people around me what am I doing? you maybe have just acted the exact opposite of those qualities and everything within you goes liar, hypocrite no, what you’re doing is saying I cut off that fruit of the flesh I’ve repented I’ve asked God to forgive me I receive forgiveness and now I’m refusing to identify with the sin in my flesh and I’m choosing to identify with the spirit that what this scripture says is true that when I join myself to the LORD I am one spirit with Him and that’s who I choose to identify with I choose to identify with who Messiah is in me and who I am in Him He’s always in me in my spirit but I’m not always letting my soul my mind and emotions abide in Him sometimes I receive the impulse of the flesh and let my soul my mind, will and emotions operate in that then I’m not in Him so He’s always in me I need to choose to be in Him which is to identify with The Truth of who I am in the spirit I hope this is helping you today I hope you’re grabbing hold of this because if you are born again if you have received Jesus as your Messiah then you’re born again and what that means is your spirit is one spirit with Him and that’s your choice whether you identify with the spirit of the flesh today as you walk through your day today I encourage you ask God on a regular basis through your day God what do you say about me what’s the truth who am I? if you make a mistake if you sin repent ask forgiveness and then identify with who you are in the spirit and not in the flesh as you go through your day today love God with all your heart bless people and you will make a difference


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