Matthew 23:27-28

True Righteousness vs. Hypocrisy


Matthew 23:27-28 woe to you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for you are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful but inside they’re full of dead man’s bones and all uncleanness so you too outwardly appear righteous to men but inwardly you’re full of hypocrisy and lawlessness that’s not really encouraging what is exciting about that is to realize that the LORD Jesus Yeshua Ha Mashiach has set us free from unrighteousness has set us free from iniquity areas of bondage and sin He’s already done that so He’s already set us free what I want to just talk a little bit with you about today is the difference between walking in true righteousness and hypocrisy one of the silliest things that I see people do is they go to the bible and they take particular rules that they think are important to them and they say that’s what I’m going to do I’m going to really walk in that I’m a follower of the Lord and yet what they do is find ways to violate the very rules that are coming from the bible one of the most silly ones I ever read about was there was a particular community in a particular city that wanted to be Torah observant they wanted to follow what the book says about the Sabbath about Shabbat so they were not going to travel a certain distance not do certain activities on Shabbat on Saturday but you know what they did some Rabbi looked and got an idea that if they put a clothes line around their community they could count it as a walled city and now they were living inside a walled city and they could travel greater distance they could pursue sports activities do all kinds of things within their community because they were now in a walled city and you know to me that just gets ridiculous that’s like straining gnats so we set up rules that we’re going to follow and then we find ways to violate it Christians do the same thing many times I find that today is an amazing day of lawlessness and that’s what Yeshua said in Matthew 7:23 that in the last days the problem isn’t going to be legalism it’s going to be lawlessness which is people that set themselves up as their own authority people that decide that the principles that they have decided to operate in are more important and stronger and more valuable than the principles of the word of God the Bible so we have Christians today living in fornication there are people living with their boyfriend or girlfriend having sexual relations with a boyfriend or girlfriend and yet regularly going to church reading the word of God loving God claiming they love God and yet here they are violating the things that the word of God clearly says are sin People practicing serial monogamy people practicing adultery and yet the crazy thing is people are not feeling guilty about that but they actually justify it in their hearts and that’s sort of the flip side that’s the hypocrisy of of true things that are moral principles in the word of God that are being violated and people justify it I’ve run into young people that tell me oh you know fornication is not a problem anymore because that’s an antiquated rule from way back in Jesus’ day and it’s not applicable anymore that was when they had sexually transmitted disease and problems with pregnancy we’ve solved all that now the fact of the matter is that is sin fornication is sin adultery is sin and yet many many people claim to be followers of the LORD and they just walk in that so on the one side you have people that set up rules that are just silly and they claim they’re going to obey them and then they find ways to violate them and then here we find moral principles in the Bible that people violate on a regular basis find a way to justify it and still claim that they’re followers of the LORD I don’t mind if… I don’t want to judge anybody but the critical thing is if you’re going to follow the LORD then walk in the principles of the Bible walk in what God has called you to walk in walk in truth don’t be a hypocrite by finding ways to bend the Bible to contort it to fit into your thought pattern into your system, into your culture no adopt a Biblical culture on the other hand if you want to violate those things if you want to live in formication you want to walk in adultery you want to steal you want to lie you want to be a drunkard you want to do things that violate principles in the word of God then don’t claim you’re a Christian don’t claim you’re a follower of Yeshua the Messiah just claim hey that’s not what I want to do at this point in my life and then you’re not a hypocrite then you’re being truthful so I encourage you don’t set up rules and then find ways to break them and then twist the word of God to make it fit your lifestyle but conform your lifestyle to what the word actually says and that way you’ll be walking in true righteousness not in hypocrisy so God bless you I pray that today is the best day of your life so far I pray that today God will expose to you any areas where hypocrisy is working in you where you found ways to twist and bend the word of God to suit your lifestyle or your thought pattern rather than conforming your life to the word of God so as you go through life today just love God with all your heart bless people and you’ll make a difference


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