Psalm 90: 7-12

Your Greatest Years Are Ahead of You


Psalm 90:7-12 for we have been consumed by Your anger and by Your wrath we’ve been dismayed You’ve placed our iniquities before You our secret sins in the light of Your presence for all our days have declined in Your fury we have finished our years like a sigh as for the days of our life they contain 70 years or if due to strength 80 years yet their pride is but labor and sorrow for soon it is gone and we fly away who understands the power of Your anger and Your fury according to the fear that is due You so teach us to number our days that we may present to You a heart of wisdom the most amazing thing about this this Psalm was not written by David this was written by Moses when he was about 80 years old and what he’s saying here is the life of a man is 70 years 80 if you’re really blessed and strong Moses was about 80 he’s lamenting at the end of his life saying not much has been accomplished God I’ve had a lot of problems I’ve sinned a lot I’ve not really accomplished much of anything many people feel like that here he is 80 years old saying that the most amazing thing how long did Moses live? 120 when did all the good stuff happen in his life? between 80 and 120 the first 40 years of Moses life he lived in Egypt as a somebody I mean he was in the Pharaoh’s court he was the son of Pharaoh he was an important man and then the next 40 years he lived as a nobody in the desert herding sheep really nobody knew him no notoriety so the first 40 years he was a somebody the second 40 years he was a nobody the third 40 years he found out what God could do with a nobody the most amazing thing is this Psalm when you read Psalm 90 I encourage you read the whole Psalm this was written by Moses when he was 80 years old and he thought his life was about over and he goes teach us to number our days that we can…. I hope I’ve learned some wisdom here LORD I hope something has happened within these 80 years but not much he thougth his life was over and here’s my message to you today your best days are ahead of you you might be already 80 years old maybe you’re 90 your best days are ahead of you why is that? because God has a destiny for everyone of us and God will accomplish something through us as we just open ourselves to Him so what happened really in Moses life it took 80 years for him to be emptied of self in the first 40 years he was full of self in the second 40 years he was emptied of self and then the third 40 years God used a man who was devoid of self empty of self who said God I can’t do anything but if you could use me I’m available and God used him powerfully I believe God will use you powerfully that same way maybe you’re 20 years old and you’re looking forward to many things in life for sure your best days are ahead or maybe you’re 60 or 50 or 70 I want to tell you your best days are ahead everything that you’ve learned up to now every experience you’ve had adversity you’ve faced things that have overcome you things that you’ve overcome have been preparation for what God is about to release in your life your best days are ahead of you so Father I pray for everyone listening today that we would grab hold of hope Father that every one of us would get a vision of your future things that you spoke to us God says this to somebody listen not one word that God has spoken to you that has not yet come to pass will fall to the ground without accomplishing the purpose for which it was sent God will accomplish every thing that He’s said to you and I believe that’s a specific Rhema word for somebody God says to you yes many things I’ve spoken to you and they have not yet come to pass God says I’m not yet finished I’m not finished your best days are ahead Amen


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