Revelation 18:4-5

You are Not of Babylon


Revelation 18:4-5 I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues for her sins have piled up as high as heaven and God has remembered her iniquities what is he talking about here the world system which is typified by Babylon we’re to be in it but not of it we’re to influence it but not allow it to influence us what is that Babylon system it’s a system of conformity to values that are contrary to the word of God and we’re called to walk amongst people love people but not embrace the sin that they walk in not embrace the iniquity that they walk in the only way to do that is separate identity from behavior so that you can love and bless people around you but not condone and authorize the sin they walk in not embrace the sin they walk in not participate in the same kind of corruption the same kind of sin the same kind of idolatry and all the different things that go along with the world system around us and as times approach the return of the Lord we see that the world system gets darker and darker more and more evil what the scriptures says is that we’re to come out of that Babylonian system we don’t participate in it we don’t belong to it yes we function in it we live in it there are people all around us part of that system but we’re supposed to be peculiar people we should be thought of as different and peculiar you know I found myself just awhile back because of peer pressure people around me wanting to conform I found myself just making small compromises and allowing things into my language allowing things into my behavior that were not normal to me wanting to try to win other people or sort of be all things to all people and God convicted me that I was crossing a line and participating in that Babylon world system and I didn’t want to I thought for the sake of others you know to try to help bring them in I will be like that but God said to me no you’re supposed to be peculiar they’re supposed to look at you and know that you’re different not weird different but they should realize no,no,no we’re not of that system we have different values we walk to the beat of a different drum that’s ok that’s normal I’m thinking of a friend of mine that I know in Guatemala owns a fairly large construction company I asked him how do you operate in Central America without corruption how do you operate without paying bribes he said I just made a decision long time ago I’m not going to be a part of that Babylonian system I’m not going to be a part of the system of corruption and bribes and we’ve turned down a lot of business he said in the beginning but he said you know what’s happened over a period of time our company has become known as the company that will not accept a bribe as a company that the price is the price the deal is the deal they’re not going to sway us through corruption He said our company is in high demand because people want that people don’t want the corrupt system and I believe that’s true in every area of life that if you’ll embrace the word of God meditate on God’s word walk in His principles walk in His truth love people, love people have genuine compassion and concern for the people around you the people that are trapped in the Babylonian system trapped in the corruption trapped in sexual perversion and immorality and greed and addictions alcoholism, drugs all the things that afflict people and consume them we’re to be with people we’re to walk with them participate with them and draw them how do we draw them not by being like them and embracing their values but by being peculiar people by emanating light and when they look at us they want what we have they want the light they want the life they want the love that’s what it really means love God with all your heart bless people if you do that people will be drawn to you like honey and I see that happening all over the world where people are not conforming to the world system not being part of the Babylonian system but coming out of it and walking a peculiar path people of God and that is a powerful thing I pray that for your life today that today you’d be a peculiar person that you would go into the Babylonian system perhaps you work there perhaps you have a business there but you would not be of the Babylonian system I pray today for supernatural anointing of God’s grace for you to walk in the word of God for you to walk in your calling your destiny to be in the Babylon system but not be of the Babylon system to make sure the flow goes from you to them I pray that for you that the life of God would flow through you today and impact people everywhere you go in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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