Psalm 91:7-11

The Lord is My Refuge


Psalm 91:7-11 a thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand but it shall not approach you you will only look on with your eyes and see the recompense of the wicked for you have made the LORD my refuge even the most high your dwelling place no evil will befall you nor will any plague come near your tent for He will give His angels charge concerning you to guard you in all your ways that is an awesome promise from Psalm 91 as we go forward in time and I think we’re getting nearer and nearer to the return of the LORD on the earth we see more and more shaking wars terrorism economic disasters all kinds of problems around and many people get fearful they think oh my goodness and they hear you know that shaking is coming people get fearful do you know what you need to know it will not come near you because you have a covenant the pictures that we see in scripture of the end times are Noah and the ark the flood is a big problem if you’re not in the ark but if you’re with Noah and you’re part of his family you’re in the ark the flood is not really a problem the second picture that we have is passover and when you look at all the plagues that came upon Egypt it was not a problem to the people of Israel who were in Goshen not one of those plagues touched them as a matter of fact it’s very interesting those plagues actually came through Moses they didn’t happen to Moses and his people he was the one who actually released plagues on the Egyptians when they refused to bow to God and so when you look at that yes there are things that are going to happen on the earth everything that can be shaken will be shaken there will be more economic shaking there will be more political shaking there’s going to be shaking of every kind but what you need to know is you abide in an ark if you’re born again if you are in covenant relationship with God by the blood of Messiah Jesus you can know that it’s as though you were in the ark or you are in the house with the blood on the front door that keeps the death angel out that keeps the plagues out and literally you will see a thousand fall at your side ten thousand at your right hand and it will not come near you do you know Jan and I travel in ministry all the time many times we go to so called dangerous places and people ask me isn’t it dangerous to go to this place or go to that place I always remember what Brother Andrew said many many years ago Brother Andrew was the man who in the 1960’s was smuggling bibles into the communist countries into Russia when it was very dangerous they were executing people putting people in prison for doing that someone asked him Andrew isn’t it dangerous to do what you’re doing? he said no he said there’s only one place that’s dangerous and that is outside of the will of God so if God has called me to be taking bibles into Russia and I’m at home I’m in danger or if God has called me to be at home and I’m taking bibles into Russia I’m in danger so the only dangerous place is outside the will of God Andrew said a funny thing he said if you look statistically at where more people die than any other place it’s at home in bed so I guess that would be the place you’d want to avoid is being at home in bed because if you’re afraid of death because more people die at home in bed than any other place you know that is a powerful revelation to understand that I have a covenant and God will always perform His word God keeps His word above His name God gave us promises in Messiah that He is for us He’s not against us and so even when plagues come when you hear that there’s some horrible shaking coming you don’t need to fear you can know that you abide under the shadow of the almighty that you abide in the covenant of God and so He really is your refuge you can take refuge in Him and you can count on that 100% I’d just like to pray right now I sense that there are some that have been struggling with fear even fear of home invasion at night or fear of terminal illness I know that’s hitting a nerve right now some of us listening so I just want to pray for that Father I pray right now for my brother my sister that has struggled with fear of home invasion being broken into at night Father what do you say about that LORD I pray for a clear word what You say about that LORD God that you would just confirm you are a refuge to us and I pray for one struggling with the fear of terminal illness manifestation in your body has been there and there’s a fear oh no oh no it could be something terminal I could die Father I pray for that fear to go in the mighty name of Yeshua LORD I pray that your perfect love would cast out all fear and LORD that today this scripture would become a reality that you really are a refuge that you really have sent your angels to be round about us to keep us safe Father thank you for angels around about us as we go about our day to day thank you that we abide in that safe place in that refuge of covenant that you have created for us in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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