Luke 16:18

Til Death Do Us Part!


Luke 16:18 everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery and he who marries one who is divorced from a husband commits adultery now I know that serial monogamy divorce remarriage multiple people in series is a very common practice even common in the church today but this is one of these passages where Yeshua says whoever divorces his wife and marries another, commits adultery why would he say that? and I believe the reason is because Jesus saw marriage as a covenant and a covenant is only broken by one thing death it’s not broken by adultery it’s not broken by abandonment it’s not broken by abuse it’s not broken by addictions it’s not broken by all the different contract conditions that many people in modern day put on marriage but in God’s opinion in the Bible marriage is a covenant that’s broken only by death it’s actually a prophetic image of how Yeshua treats His bride on this earth and how does He treat us does He abandon us if we commit spiritual adultery? does He abandon us if we abandon Him? and the answer is of course not He stands until the day we die with His arms open saying I love you, return return return even though you abandoned me I’ll never abandon you even though you reject me I’ll never reject you even if you go after another god I will still love you I will still wait for you I will still beckon you come back and you know I have seen many many incredible stories of people restored from situations that everybody said is impossible I’ll just share one with you there was a lady that was in our church many years ago her husband had sexually abused their 13-14 year old daughter and when she discovered it she became so angry and rightfully so she divorced her husband wanted nothing to do with him was so glad to get rid of him and yes the situation needed to be dealt with I’m not saying he should continue to live in the house and not have that dealt with no he needed to be removed from the house but divorce is never the answer she divorced her husband and I met her several years later do you know that as time went on there was another man who had recently divorced his wife wanted to marry her came and asked me basically for permission or if I would bless that, I said no because she’s another man’s wife and you already have a wife and so no, that’s not an appropriate legitimate thing to do he was angry with me she was angry with me as a pastor they both left our church and I didn’t hear from them before she had left I forgot to tell this part of the story she had… in one of the meetings we had she had taken her wedding ring and she was still so angry at her husband she gave me the wedding ring and said would you sell this and use the money for the church because I don’t want to have anything to do with that and she did that 2 or 3 years before she left the church I didn’t sell it I just put it in a safety deposit box do you know after 10 years of being divorced she’d been gone from our church for probably 5 or 6 years she called me one day sort of out of the blue and she said would you happen to have my wedding ring still or did you sell it I said you know as a matter of fact it’s still in the safe deposit box I didn’t sell it I said why would you ask she said well it’s a long story, but God has done a tremendous work in my husband he got some help he went through some sexual addiction classes and the LORD is really radically changed his life set him free and we’ve been seeing each other again and I never actually stopped loving him even though I hated him for what he did but I never stopped loving him he’s repented to our daughter who’s now in her 20’s and married reconciled with her asked her forgiveness her husband’s forgiveness and they’re good friends now and he’s proposed to me and asked me to marry him again and I feel like that’s what God wants us to do and so I’d like to have my ring back if you still have it I did I gave it to her attended their wedding and it was just a tremendous reconciliation restoration after 10 years when in the beginning nobody would have thought that could have happened I would have because I’ve seen that over and over and over again so I just want to tell you God is a God that reconciles, that heals, restores even the absolute worst most impossible marriages that ever could be and Yeshua is saying here marriage is a covenant it’s not a contract that’s broken by all kinds of different conditions it’s a covenant that’s broken by death is a prophetic picture of how he treats us now I know many might be listening that are in a second third, fourth marriage I’m not saying this to bring condemnation to you here’s what I would share with you would you just go before God and ask Him what He wants you to do about that start today start today with your covenant saying God I will no longer be a covenant breaker I will be a covenant keeper today if you’re married fight for your marriage ask God to put that protective hedge around your marriage and you fight for your marriage and realize and commit yourself today my marriage is a covenant if I’ve been a covenant breaker before God I repent I ask you to forgive me and I will keep my covenant of marriage from this day forward I encourage you to do that that’s the message really of this scripture marriage is a covenant and God is a God of incredible restoration and reconciliation so Father I pray for any marriages that are struggling today where there is difficulty pour out your grace and God what you did for the woman I just shared and restored and reconciled that marriage the woman I shared about Father would you do that for every person watching today where there’s a rift a division where there needs to be reconciliation Father thank you for your grace to restore and heal in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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