Genesis 1:9-13

Your Spirit Will Always Produce the Fruit of the Spirit


Genesis 1:9-13 then God said let the waters below the heavens be gathered into one place and let the dry land appear and it was so God called the dry land earth and the gathering of the waters He called seas and God saw that it was good then God said let the earth sprout vegetation plants yielding seed and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruit after their kind with seed in them and it was so the earth brought forth vegetation plants yielding seed after their kind trees bearing fruit with seed in them after their kind and God saw that it was good there was evening there was morning the third day this is the beginning again of the Hebrew cycle of reading through various passages in the Torah it’s the very beginning called Beresheet and today is Shabbat again so I want to greet you with Shabbat Shalom as we’re celebrating this day this Shabbat a time of rest and remembrance of deliverance from Egypt and of God’s finishing creation but what I want to share with you today the thing that God just emphasized for me as I was reading through this this particular passage is that every tree every plant bears fruit after it’s own kind every living thing bears fruit after it’s own kind you’re never going to plant an apple seed and get a pear tree you’re not going to plant an avocado seed and somehow get a banana tree no every seed bears fruit after its own kind here’s what you need to understand do you know that if you are born again you’ve entered into covenant with the LORD Himself that your spirit was born again and filled with the life and the righteousness of the LORD Himself and the consequence of that is that spirit, your spirit is righteous and will bear fruit after its own kind do you know what that’s called it’s called the fruit of the spirit and so if you understand your spirit is born again it can’t bear any kind of fruit other than the fruit of the spirit so here’s the point if you get the door open as it were to the spirit so that you are allowing your spirit filled with the Holy Spirit to govern your mind your will and your emotions do you know what kind of fruit that your life will bear? fruit of the spirit because it can’t bear any other kind of fruit on the other hand if you get your mind will and emotions you’re so open to the flesh you know what kind of fruit you’re going to bear fruit of the flesh I’m not talking about the physical body there’s nothing wrong with your body the flesh is just a Biblical term talking about the remnant of sin that wants to assert itself rise up and operate through you how do you overcome the deeds of the flesh what you do is get the door open to the spirit walk in the spirit allow your spirit to dominate your soul and how do you do that by loving God by meditating on His word by feeding your spirit so that your spirit becomes stronger and stronger and stronger like a muscle and as you walk in the spirit you will bear fruit of the spirit fruit after the kind of seed that’s in your spirit so you can take seed from the spirit and plant it in your mind you know what your mind will dwell on? fruit of the spirit you know what your life will manifest? fruit of the spirit or you can take seed from the flesh fill your mind with that and you know what’s going to happen? you’re going to manifest fruit of the flesh I just encourage you today as you read this passage as you’re thinking about Genesis 1 it’s the beginning let today be the beginning for you of a new time of walking in the spirit and remember as you do that everyday, today especially love God with all your heart just bless people around you and you will make a difference


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