Proverbs 4:23

Guard your heart above all


Proverbs 4:23 watch over or guard your heart with all diligence for from it flow the springs of life another translation instead of saying with all diligence it says above all foremost as a most important thing guard your heart it’s interesting it doesn’t say guard your mind it says guard your heart for out of the heart the issues of life flow I looked up that word issues that’s a very interesting word too it doesn’t just mean what comes out of your heart it actually talks about the boundaries of your life as you’re climbing in your career do you know where your ceiling is it is where ever your heart thinks it is your life will only go as far as what’s in your heart what you believe in the depths of your heart this is why wisdom in the word of God says guard your heart above all other things guard your heart with diligence what does it mean I would suggest that it means this first of all let the word of God and the wisdom from the word dwell richly in your heart guard your heart that it’s full of the word that your heart believes what the word says and not what somebody else says the biggest problem people have I believe in their lives are lies that get deep down in the heart that restrict them lies they believe about themselves lies they believe about God lies they believe about other people it’s critical to let your mind be washed and renewed by the word of God the second part of guarding your heart is you want to guard to make sure bad things don’t get in it’s just like when you get a cut in your arm and it’s bleeding doctors are concerned not only with what flows out they’re even more concerned with what gets in which is bacteria and viruses you need to guard your heart just like you guard your blood system so to speak you want to keep your heart from having invasive viruses come in and there are 4 of them I just heard a pastor preach this just recently 4 viruses I would say that you want to protect and keep from your heart I just want to make sure I get them right so I wrote them down number 1 anger second one is bitterness third one is shame and all the fear that comes with shame that somebody’s going to condemn me or discover me that sort of thing and the fourth one vain imaginations things that we believe things that we think that are made up that are not at all true they just come out of they’re a virus that gets in the heart guard your heart against anger it’s not wrong to be angry when we see injustice we should be angry God is angry but you know what’s wrong is when you cross over into the area of judgement condemnation hatred and that comes out of anger guard your heart against bitterness being bitter toward people because of injustice or because they hurt you because they did something wrong shame again is letting Shame is different from guilt guilt is a feeling I made a mistake shame is a feeling I am a mistake never let that get in your heart you’re not a mistake God planned for you you might have done many things wrong but you’re not a mistake you might have made a mistake so that’s critical to guard your heart against shame and against vain imaginations would you just ask God today Lord have any of those things entered into my heart? is there any of these areas anger, bitterness shame, vain imaginations you want to deal with in my heart is there an area of something you want to touch and remove let’s just pray that Father I pray that you’d show each one of us today any areas where we need to allow you to do heart surgery where we need to allow you to remove the shame the bitterness, the anger vain imaginations, lies pull those things right out of my heart this day and Father replace them with the truth with what your word says and what your spirit says about me about who I am about who you are and who other people are so father I just thank you for removing those things and walking with me today to guard my heart in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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