Matthew 5:27-28

Guard Against Soulical Adultery


Matthew 5:27-28 you have heard that it was said you shall not commit adultery but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart I want to talk to you today about soulical adultery you say soulical, what is that? well if there’s a word spiritual there’s a word physical there ought to be a word soulical the soul is your mind, will and emotions you know what I’ve discovered is that many many affairs start in the mind and emotions they’re not something physical they’re not something sexual they’re not even something romantic you know what I’ve discovered is that the feeling of romantic love is like a bank account when you make deposits in someone’s heart you cause the feeling of romantic love to grow in that person’s heart and what I discovered was this anybody can open a bank account so to speak with anyone else in their heart in other words I can open a bank account and allow any person any other woman to begin to make deposits in my heart and if I do that the feeling of romantic love will grow Hollywood depicts the idea of romance is it’s mystical it’s magical we don’t really know how it happens people are just walking along and all of a sudden they fall in love no that’s not how it works it’s a sowing and reaping process if you begin to interact and relate with a person of the opposite gender and you begin to allow them to have input into your heart touch the deep things in your heart you find somebody with whom you share fears, hopes, dreams aspirations, disappointments and you’re not married to that person you’ve opened an account in your love bank in your heart you’re allowing that person to make deposits and what is going to happen as time goes on maybe it starts out innocently somebody might see that the love bank deposit is growing in your heart toward a person you’re not married to and they might confront you and say hey there’s something going on between you and this person you may not feel anything romantic or anything sexual whatsoever and you’ll say it’s just a good friendship what are you talking about there’s nothing wrong here at all but that other person is discerning no you’re already starting down the path of soulical adultery you know how I know that’s the case that you don’t just mystically fall in love if it were just mystical wouldn’t you think that everybody at some point in time in their life would have to fight and struggle against romantic feelings toward a person they’re not married to if it were mystical that would be the case I’ve got to tell you in all the years I’ve been married I have not one time had to fight against romantic feelings toward any one other than my wife Jan and I didn’t fight those feelings because I’m married to her but I’ve never had to fight a romantic thought or romantic feeling toward another woman toward another person do you know why that is because love is not mystical or magical it is a sowing and reaping process I understood from the day I got married what the seed was I never planted it I never opened an account in anyone else’s name I never allowed people to have that kind of input into the depths of my heart to share secrets with them to share deep things with another woman here’s how you can tell if you’re in soulical adultery right now if good news comes to you would you rather go share that with somebody other than your spouse? is there a person that you’re closer to at work for example or if there’s a disappointment or a fear do you find that easier to share with another person other than the person you’re married to if so probably there’s already an account open right now in that person’s name you’re in a dangerous dangerous situation if you continue to do that the bank balance in your love account toward that person will grow and grow and grow one day it’s going to hit the threshold level that it takes to sustain the feeling of romantic love you’re going to find yourself in soulical adultery all of a sudden you’re going to be fighting romantic feelings toward this person that before that was just a good friend you couldn’t imagine how would I be having romantic feelings toward this person now I want to be with them now I really want to spend time with them now your heart is already in emotional adultery or soulical adultery and Yeshua said when you look at a woman with adultery in your heart you’ve already committed that adultery that it’s something that happens in the heart first and I found that so many affairs they start with absolutely nothing romantic nothing sexual just a good friendship people finding an ability to share with one another not understanding the seed of soulical adultery not understanding that the feeling of romantic love is actually a sowing and reaping process let me just say this on the other hand for all of us who are married I encounter people every now and again who say I just don’t love my wife anymore I just don’t love my husband anymore you know what that tells me that they have lost the ability to communicate intimately with one another they have done the things that drain the love bank they have criticized each other they’ve made other things and other people much higher priority they’ve drained the love tank of their spouse or of each other and that bank balance has gone down to zero or below here’s the good news if you’re one of those people who says I just don’t feel any romantic love toward the person I’m married to here’s good news that’s a bank balance it’s not a commodity that you have or don’t have you can build it back up again by doing the things that create that I wrote a book called Two Fleas & No Dog that talk about how to build that balance back up I really encourage you to get a hold of that book if you’re in that situation you can avoid the situation of adultery in your heart toward anyone if you simply understand it’s a bank balance the feeling of romantic love is a bank balance it’s something you sow and reap the consequence of it’s not mystical or magical just critical for us to understand the concept of adultery of the soul or soulical adultery I’ve got a lot more teachings a whole CD series on that that will help to understand that principle I’d just like to pray today if you realize hey there’s something in my heart toward another person would you just pray to break it Father I just pray right now for every one of my brothers and sisters who realize I have allowed an account to open in my heart toward a person I’m not married to so Father in Jesus name we just break that today we break it Father I pray that you cut off and terminate that wrong relationship in the mighty name of Yeshua and Father I pray for a pure heart for every one of us that we would love you God with all our hearts and LORD those of us that are married that we would allow our heart and our love bank to be open only toward the one we’re married to Father I pray that for each one of us today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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