Psalm 112:7-8

Do You Have a Steadfast Heart?


Psalm 112:7-8 this is speaking about the blessed man the righteous man and it says he will not fear evil tidings his heart is steadfast trusting in the Lord his heart is upheld he will not fear until he looks with satisfaction on his adversaries I want to talk today about an upright heart a steadfast heart and I want to contrast that a little bit with a hardened heart because I think many people confuse a hardened heart with a steadfast heart this scripture says that the blessed man has a steadfast heart trusting in the Lord when we don’t trust in the Lord we harden our hearts how do you get a hardened heart it’s when somebody accuses you somebody attacks you somebody wounds you and you shut them out you defend yourself you determine in your heart I’ll never let anybody hurt me that way again that’s not a steadfast heart that is a hardened heart the word steadfast here or upright is the word kuwn in Hebrew K U W N, kuwn and it means erect to be upright to be solid in one place and a steadfast heart is a heart that doesn’t isn’t swayed by whatever comes along it’s just steadfast I liken it to this it’s like a river your life is like a river and a steadfast heart is a river with solid concrete banks you can increase the velocity and volume of water down that river and it stays within the channel because there are concrete banks of character in that person’s life in that person’s heart a heart that’s not steadfast is one that has earthen banks and if you put more water or more anointing down that life if you give that person more money you give them more influence and the banks are earthen not solid do you know what happens to the river instead of being a river it turns into a flood what is a flood? when the water exceeds the banks of the river and it goes out and floods it does a lot of damage everybody loves to live along a river but nobody likes to live in a flood a steadfast heart is the blessed man the blessed woman who has character boundaries established they know what to say no to they live a life of meekness they don’t have to use 100% of resource available but they set boundaries on their resource boundaries on their time boundaries on their sexual relationships boundaries on their food boundaries in areas of life they’re character boundaries that they have established that is a steadfast heart and what this scripture says is that this person will not fear when adversity comes it says this person will look with satisfaction on his enemies his heart will be steadfast and he trusts in the LORD not trusting in himself many people I found when it talks about the shield of faith in Ephesians 6 the shield of faith is a person with a steadfast heart who’s trusting in the LORD and the shield is their absolute trust and confidence in God to defend them not their ability to defend themselves by hardening their heart defending self having all kinds of little self defense mechanisms that protect them that’s the symptom of a hardened heart that’s completely different than a steadfast heart and God has called us not to have a hardened heart but to have a steadfast heart that has solid concrete banks in a river if God wants to increase the anointing in your life the financial responsibility in your life the sphere of influence in your life He needs to strengthen the banks of your character so that the water that He flows through your life the anointing, the power the influence, the resource will remain within the appropriate boundaries and not go out and do damage like a flood so God is in the process of making our hearts steadfast strengthening the character boundaries of our lives that we might be people who can endure greater responsibility who can have greater resource who can have greater influence and that’s my prayer for you today I’d like to just pray that Father I pray for each person today that you’d strengthen the character boundaries of our lives Father that you would establish our hearts make our hearts steadfast Father make our hearts the kind of heart that you want that’s not hardened but a heart that is steadfast character boundaries intact I pray that for you this day that God would establish correct character boundaries in your life that He might increase your sphere of influence increase your anointing increase the financial resource increase everything He’s doing in your life increase the flow of the supernatural through you this day and remember today love God with all your heart bless people and you will make a difference


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