Proverbs 14:4

Producing an Abundant Harvest is Messy


Proverbs 14:4 where no oxen are the manger is clean but much revenue comes by the strength of the ox do you know an abundant harvest is almost always messy the scripture says where there are no oxen the stall is clean but there’s also no fruit no production nothing is happening if you want an abundant harvest you’re going to have to be willing to clean up some messes I’ve noticed that in my own life that if just want to do everything myself I don’t have other people’s messes to clean up but I can’t reach very many people I can’t grow I can’t multiply so if I want to grow a business if I want to grow a ministry if I want to grow a church I’m going to have to learn how to impart to other people how to train other people how to trust other people and many times they’re going to make messes and I’m going to have to be willing to clean them up that is a critical thing to learn for growth everybody starts out just doing it all themselves but some people never grow beyond that some people get stuck in business, in their family in the ministry in church in any area even in a family some people they convey this message in their family nobody else can do it as well as I can I’m the only one that can do it correctly I remember one man told me growing up his mother criticized him for everything he did because it was never up to her standard of perfection if you do that to people you’ll never be able to grow a family you’ll never grow an organization where there is no oxen where nobody else is working where you haven’t learned to train other people yes the stall is clean there aren’t any messes but you can’t multiply for years I was frustrated as a pastor because I would train up leaders and then it would seem like they would fall apart and I remember complaining to God there’s just no leaders in this church years later God showed me the problem wasn’t the people the problem was in me I hadn’t grown to the level where I could recruit the right people train them properly release them into their calling and then monitor them nurture them and bless them in their calling now we oversee a ministry Family Foundations International where we have ministry in more than 50 nations and almost 3000 seminars per year going on and I trust lots of people to do the work and we have to clean up messes on occasion not very many of them the people God has given us are just awesome, awesome people but yes there are messes on occasion that we have to clean up I just want to share one more piece to this I got a revelation one time when I was in Auckland pardon me in Christchurch New Zealand we went to a book store a friend of mine and I it was cold and we actually went there to get warm the house we were staying in didn’t have much heat and I went in a book store I got a book by Robert Kiyosaki called cash flow quadrants it was about business but as I read that God gave me a revelation about what was going on in ministry and what was going on in my own life and he defined 4 quadrants the E which is the employee S is self employed B is the business owner and I is the investor and I saw that I had recruited people in each of those quadrants in ministry and that they behaved entirely differently what I realized in order to grow you have to cross across the middle of that cash flow quadrant and learn to trust people you know the key to crossing from a self employed person to a business person or a person that multiplies through other people is learning to trust other people and I just wrote this down the ‘E’ person is always thinking my people that I recruited that were employees they were dependent on me they always said if you would just come here the ministry would work my self employed people said there aren’t any leaders around here why, because they were always trying to do it all themselves people that were in the ‘B’ category they were able to trust other people and multiply their stalls were not at all clean they had lots of oxen they were multiplying training other people releasing ministry to others and the ‘I’ that’s the investor people they’re not satisfied just managing one thing but they’ll multiply the ministry into many different countries into many different areas and they’re able to raise up people, trust them and there’s really 5 steps to that you have to recruit, train deploy, monitor and nurture those are the 5 steps every one of us need to learn to grow in business to grow in ministry and even to grow in a family so I pray for you today that God would give you revelation what do you need to do to grow are you a person that has to do it all yourself and it has to be perfect or are you willing to train other people are you willing to perhaps let them get 80% as effective productivity as you get and let that be good enough if you have 100 people working at 80% that’s a huge volume compared to you working at 100% of your capacity you can see that multiplication occurs that way so I encourage you today learn to multiply learn to work with oxen don’t insist on having a clean stall and you will multiply in every field of endeavor your church your ministry your business your family whatever you set your hand to God Bless You


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