Luke 17:1-4

Offenses Will Come


Luke 17:1-4 He said to His disciples it is inevitable that stumbling blocks come but woe to him through whom they come it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble be on your guard if your brother sins rebuke him if he repents forgive him and if he sins against you seven times a day and returns to you seven times saying I repent forgive him boy that is easier said than done that’s for sure Yeshua said here offenses will come it’s ineveitable and that’s what I want to concentrate on today It is impossible that you will go through life and not be offended periodically people are going to do things that hurt you that offend you that are unjust and you’re going to be tempted to take up an offense I want to encourage you don’t do that don’t take the bait it’s like a trap that satan sets and the bait is offense if you take the offense and you become offended at somebody you don’t hurt that person you just hurt yourself I wrote down in my notes 4 different things that you can do to deal with offense but just before I touch that I want to say this do you know that many times God is behind the offense God is the one that will offend you He’ll offend your mind in order to expose your heart and so offense will come and it exposes what’s in your heart gives you an opportunity to deal with things that are ungodly that you didn’t know were there what are the 4 ways we can deal with offense number one you can take revenge and pay that person back never works just damages and harms you it doesn’t solve the problem second thing you can not take revenge but just harbor bitterness inside hold vengeance in your heart be angry at that person inside again it doesn’t hurt that person it just releases toxic poison inside you number three you can try to forgive have you ever tried to forgive someone it doesn’t work it’s like, you know you say being the godly mature believer that I am I forgive her and the next time you see that person it seems like they got away with whatever it was scot free and all the anger rises up God how come nothing happened to them I’m the one bearing the problem here ohh ohh yeah I forgot I forgave her that’s what happens when you try it doesn’t really happen in your heart the 4th thing is you can actually forgive from the heart and I found that the key to forgive from the heart is dealing with the idolatry the root of unforgiveness is not I just can’t forgive that person because they hurt me so deeply the root of unforgiveness is this it is an issue with God I have actually exulted the offender above God and I’ve made that offender more powerful in my life than God you hear somebody say yeah but you don’t know what they did they ruined my life do you know that nobody can ruin your life unless you allow them because God always has a redemptive plan so when somebody says that person ruined my life they’ve actually made the offender more powerful in their life than God there’s a bible word for that it’s called idolatry so when you deal with the idolatry in your heart of making that person very very powerful over your identity well they lied about me so they stole my money so they violated me in some way so God has a redemptive plan and none of that matters long term unless you empower that person so the way that you forgive from the heart is go to the Lord and say God apparently I’m in idolatry I’ve exulted that person put them in your place given them authority over my destiny or my identity Father I repent Lord forgive me for my idolatry and then you ask God the simple question Father what’s the truth who do you say I am what do you say about my future I know there are some of us you’re hearing from God right now even as I just stated that simple question you’re hearing the Spirit of God speaking to you what He says about you what He says about your future when you break the idolatry then it becomes easy to forgive because what that person did doesn’t have a long term impact it can’t change your life it can’t rob your destiny it can’t change your identity because you are who God says you are you will accomplish what God has determined for you to accomplish that person can steal from you God can replace it ten fold that person can lie about you God can use the lie to actually benefit and bless you in some way because He’s God He uses every thing together for good to benefit and bless those who love Him so the critical key to offense deal with the idolatry and then forgive the person so let’s just pray that if there’s somebody that God brought to your mind right now that you’ve had an offense in your heart toward let’s just pray this Father in the mighty name of Yeshua I repent of granting that person a place of authority and believing that what they did has a long term consequence in my life Father forgive me for idolatry Lord what’s the truth about me and my future and just stop and listen for a moment Father I choose to no longer hold that person accountable the one who offended me I let the blood of Messiah Jesus pay for what they did and because of His blood I forgive would you say the name of that person I forgive ___________ and allow it to actually happen in your heart and every time offense comes deal with the idolatry forgive the person from your heart God Bless You


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