Genesis 19:4-8

Lot Upholds His Covenant


Genesis 19:4-8 before they lay down the men of the city the men of Sodom surrounded the house both young and old all the people from every quarter and they called to Lot and said to him where are the men who came to you tonight bring them out to us that we may have relations with them but Lot went out to them at the doorway and shut the door behind him and said please my brothers do not act wickedly now behold I have two daughters who have not had relations with man please let me bring them out to you and do to them whatever you like only do nothing to these men in as much as they have come under the shelter or the shadow of my roof this is a very strange passage that appears at first that Job pardon me that Lot is offering his daughters instead of these men what is going on here? in order to understand this passage the first thing you need to understand is Lot is upholding a covenant a threshold covenant let me just explain that for a moment in an eastern culture it’s still in the east in certain places today threshold covenant is this when a guest comes to a home often times blood is poured out at the threshold of that home to welcome the guest and that blood represents the life of the host and the host is saying if you step across this threshold and across this blood into my house I will protect you with my life that blood represents my life everything in my house is yours if you need anything you have it I will protect you I will provide for you I will keep you safe if you have enemies they’re my enemies all I have is yours all I am is yours and the guest bows under the authority of that host and says I submit to the authority of your house I receive your provision I receive your protection this is powerful because this is the imagery that’s actually used in the Passover this is also the imagery that’s used in the blood covenant where Yeshua shed his blood we step across that threshold into God’s house into His eternal tabernacle but just to show you how powerful this covenant is what we see is that a man would rather die before he would allow harm to come to visitors that have come into his house this is such a powerful thing Lot is saying here I will not allow you to touch these men because they’ve come under the shadow of my roof and that phrase shadow of my roof is a Hebrew idiom that actually means because they’ve come into covenant relationship with me I would fight to the death for them because I would dishonor myself if I did not protect strangers that have stepped across my threshold one time I was in the middle east staying with Arab people they were Arab Christian people I admired a painting on the wall do you know in the next day that painting had been taken off the wall and given to me as a gift and I said no I didn’t want your painting I was just admiring it they said no no no we want you to have it and that’s a hospitality that we don’t know in the west I had to be careful about anything I touched or admired because they wanted to give it to me it’s like all that I have is yours we say phrases like that in the west in English we say make yourself at home but we don’t really mean it in Spanish people say mi casa su casa my house is your house but nobody really means it you can’t take stuff from people’s house or move the furniture around and go well it’s my house no but in the middle east they really do my house is your house what’s going on with the daughters here Lot is not offering his daughters to the men this is a comparison Yeshua used them many many times I wrote down one here Luke 14:26 this is where He said if you want to really follow me you need to hate your father your mother, your brothers your sisters is He encouraging people to hate their family members I’ve had some people say yeah I’m doing that I hate my father I’m obeying what the Lord said no, no, no this is a comparison what Yeshua is saying is in comparison to your love for family members which is very very strong does everybody know how strong family love is between father and son and brothers and sisters that love that you have for your own family should so pale in comparison with the love that you have for me that the love for your own family should appear as hate in comparison with the love you have for me it’s a comparison that’s what He is saying Lot is saying the same thing do you men know how strongly a father would protect his virgin daughters many of us have daughters I don’t have daughters I have granddaughters now how strongly would a man protect his daughters most fathers say to the death somebody would have to incapacitate me or kill me or tie me up if they wanted to harm one of my daughters a man would fight to the death Lot is saying do you know how strongly a man would defend his own daughters I’m telling you this I’d rather give you my daughters before I’d let you touch these men and I would never let you touch my daughters but in comparison to how strongly I would defend these men I’m saying yeah I’d give my daughters to you before I’d let you touch these men that’s what he’s saying it’s a comparison and what we see here is so so powerful if you get this about blood covenant I mean this is the most awesome thing and here’s why because we have that kind of covenant with our Father in heaven by the blood of Messiah we see in Psalm 91 he who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide where under the shadow of the almighty do you know that is the same Hebrew idiom same Hebrew phrase that is saying this that when we abide in the covenant we have with God almighty by the blood of Jesus Messiah that God almighty will alot with all his resources will protect you to the same degree that Lot protected those men and that is just awesome if you grab hold of that that is the covenant we have with our God Lot upheld his covenant to protect these men how much more so will God uphold His word and His covenant to protect you Father we just thank you today for the awesome incredible covenant we have with you by the blood of Messiah Father thank you for protection thank you for provision thank you for Your love thank you Father that You not only said You would give Your Son rather than allow harm to come to us You did, You did You died for us and we thank You so much for that awesome covenant and the protection the provision the life that you’ve given us thank you Father in the mighty name of Yeshua as you go through your life today please share that life with someone else be a blessing to others Amen


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