Mark 7:17-23

The Problem is Never External


Mark 7:17-23 when he had left the crowd and entered the house His disciples questioned Him about the parable and He said to them are you so lacking in understanding also do you not understand that whatever goes into the man from outside cannot defile him because it does not go into his heart but into his stomach and is eliminated thus he declared all foods clean and He was saying that which proceeds out of the man that is what defiles the man for from within out of the heart of man proceed the evil thoughts fornication, thefts murders, adulteries deeds of coveting and wickedness as well as deceit, sensuality envy, slander, pride and foolishness all these evil things proceed from within and they defile the man I read this many years ago and it was an incredible revelation God gave me what Yeshua said here in verse 19 anything from the outside doesn’t go into the heart nothing from the outside can defile you your problem is not some person out there some circumstance out there something out there what Yeshua is saying here is it’s that which proceeds out of the man out of the heart that’s what defiles him the problem is the stuff that’s in our hearts and these are the things some of the things Yeshua talks about fornication, theft, murder adultery, coveting, wickedness deceit, envy, slander, pride all these things are in the heart they proceed out of the heart so anytime I hear somebody say the problem is government the problem is my pastor the problem is my wife my children, my husband the boss at work I know that person is deceived that’s not the problem because Yeshua said right here nothing outside you can contaminate you it’s what goes into your heart that contaminates you here’s the strategy of the enemy he uses an external force to attack you in some way but there’s actually no power in that attack and the purpose of that attack the external threat from the outside is to get you to release all this contaminate poison on the inside of your heart to get you to enter into pride or slander foolishness, deceit, envy all those kind of things when you do that that’s what actually defiles a person it’s things from the outside Ephesians 6 says that the enemy fires fiery darts at us and some people think that the shield of faith is hardening your heart and shutting all that out no, no, no the shield of faith is when you actually come to God find out who He says you are get His truth of identity His truth of destiny His truth of your welfare and your purpose that He will be shield around you He will be your refuge He will be your defender and if you believe that you become secure and confident in His defense you don’t have to defend yourself you don’t have to harden your heart you don’t have to put a shell around your heart block everything shield everything defend yourself because you realize no, no, no nothing outside me is what contaminates me it’s that which is from within that does the contamination that’s just critical to understand that when you defend yourself when you harden your heart when you try to shut everything out what you’re actually doing is you end up releasing toxic poison in your own heart you become bitter at people you become angry toward people you want to defend self and that’s the stuff Yeshua says defiles people the critical key to understand when you’ve got an external force coming against you the goal is not you put up a shield and defend yourself and block this and shield that and stop that no allow the Lord to be your defender remain open be confident the shield of faith is faith in who God says you are faith in the fact that He’ll defend you faith in the fact that nobody can destroy your destiny and if you really believe that in your heart you’re unstoppable this is such a powerful principle that we read here it’s the contaminates in the heart that the enemy seeks to stimulate if he can get you to enter into bitterness if he can get you to enter into coveting or slander, pride, gossip envy, evil thoughts, all these things if he can get you to do that then he wins you contaminate yourself he does that by using external things coming at you and this is just so powerful to understand what Yeshua said do you not understand whatever goes into a man from the outside cannot defile him because it doesn’t go into his heart so things that are from the outside are not defiling it’s things from the inside if you understand that that changes everything in your life I just pray today Father would you give each one of us a revelation where we’ve been fighting the wrong thing we’ve been fighting externals and letting these contaminates rise up in our heart Father forgive us and God as we go through life today I pray that today you would remind us who the true enemy is it’s satan, demonic spirits our battle is not against flesh and blood it’s not against people it’s not against companies it’s not against circumstances Lord it’s against the enemy who hates us Father I pray that you’d keep us mindful of that and today I pray that we might go through life Lord and allow the life of Yeshua Ha Mashiach to flow out of our spirits to impact other people around us that today Father that we would be a blessing to many many people around us so I pray that for you this day in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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