2 Corinthians 4:10-12

Put to Death the Force of Death


2 Corinthians 4:10-12 always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body for we who live are constantly being delivered over to death for Jesus’ sake so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh so death works in us but life in you I want to talk today about how to put to death the death that comes at you from the outside remember we’ve talked before about the fact that nothing outside you is a threat to you nothing outside you will harm you but what is in your own heart is what produces contamination and defilement I want to talk about how to not harden your heart how to do the opposite of hardening your heart many times when a threat from the outside comes a death missile is what I call it like an accusation or a lie or somebody stealing trying to hurt you trying to offend you that’s like a missile full of death coming at you one option is you harden your heart defend yourself protect, attack that person and if you do that you’re going to release all the contaminant on the inside and the death from the inside is what destroys you and that’s the purpose of the enemy so what do you do Paul says instead what we do is we die daily carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may live what it means is this my perception is this you put to death the death coming at you how do you do that instead of hardening your heart you leave your heart open let the death missile come and the fear of death is what the enemy uses that death missile is going to produce death in you it doesn’t you know what it does it just passes right through you if you will allow it if you have nothing for it to stick to it passes right through it’ll pass through you to Messiah and Jesus Messiah will take it right into the cross and His tomb bury it in death and put to death the death and out of the tomb will flow resurrection life flowing back out through you to the people around you you can be a person then who is able to let people shoot at you and it just passes through you goes into the death of Jesus and from His tomb comes resurrection life back out toward that person and life always swallows up death let me say that again life always swallows up death the classic example I think of is David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz I know I’ve used that example before but I love this one Nicky Cruz was a Puerto Rican gang leader in New York City many years ago David Wilkerson was a rural preacher never lived in a city didn’t understand the way the street ways of gangs but came and began to speak everyday to Nicky Cruz and he just said Jesus loves you Jesus loves you one day Nicky got so tired of it Nicky would curse him revile him, threaten him one day Nicky Cruz pulled out a switchblade put it to David’s throat and said if you say one more time Jesus loves you I’m going to cut you to a thousand ribbons that’s a pretty strong death missile that’s physical death coming at you what do you do with that run away, harden your heart defend yourself get out the crocodile Dundee knife that’s not a knife this is a knife David didn’t do any of that he just let the death pass through him into the death of Messiah and he said Nicky I don’t need to defend against you you can kill me if you want to but you know what every ribbon that you cut me into a thousand ribbons every ribbon will still cry out Jesus loves you what was he doing? just allowing the death to pass into the death of Messiah Yeshua and out of that tomb came resurrection life flowing back out life swallowed up death that was the day that Nicky Cruz gave his life to the Lord fell on his knees and repented all the death that he had to throw at David Wilkerson was just swallowed up by the life of Yeshua Ha Mashiach flowing out of David consuming that death David, he wasn’t harmed it wasn’t the threat from the outside that could harm him he trusted in the Lord he just let God be his refuge let God be his defense and God will do the same for you if you’ll trust Him are you facing external threats today is there financial threat is there a business threat is there a threat in your family is there something from the outside coming at you today here’s what I suggest don’t defend don’t harden your heart don’t shut people out leave your heart open allow the death to pass through into the death of the Lord and allow his resurrection life to flow back out when God wants to bring healing to somebody many times He’ll bring around that person that is so damaged so wounded spewing out vile threats and anger hurting everybody He’ll bring into contact with that person one who is full of life one who knows Him one who understands how to let death pass through into the death and put to death the death to release life back toward that person that’s how people like that get healed I know a lot of stories like that would you allow God to use you today to put to death the death coming at you and release life back into the lives of those around you if you’ll do that God will use you powerfully and the death coming at you won’t harm you it’s swallowed up by the death of Jesus Messiah and His resurrection life will flow back out of your eyes out of your mouth out of your countenance to bless the people around you today Amen


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