Romans 5:10-11

What Exactly Did the Blood of Yeshua Do?


Romans 5:10-11 for if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son much more having been reconciled we shall be saved by His life and not only this but we also exult in God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we have now received the reconciliation I want to talk today about what the blood of Yeshua the blood of Messiah has actually accomplished it has been taught for centuries in seminaries that the Blood of Yeshua has atoned for sin we have the doctrine of the atonement but what’s very interesting is I began to study this do you know that word atonement is actually not a New Testament word that’s a word from the old covenant it’s actually not used in the new testament we find that the word atone or atonement is used one time in the new testament let me just talk about the origin or root of that word atone or atonement it is the Hebrew word Kafar and kafar actually means to cover with bitumen or pitch like on a roof in ancient times they’d actually use tar to seal a roof so water couldn’t get in today we use tar paper in most roofs this word kafar is a verb that means to cover like you cover the roof with pitch or with tar or something like that the noun is Kippur we have the Holiday of course Yom Kippur the day of atonement or the day of covering is actually what it is the blood of Yeshua didn’t cover anything there’s no covering it’s not an atonement that word kafar which is to cover no, when Jesus Messiah died and rose from the dead shed His blood it didn’t cover our sin what it actually did was eradicate our sin it’s an exchange that’s a much better word there’s a divine exchange that took place the word atonement or atone is only used 1 time in the entire new testament it’s right here we just read it in Romans 5:11 talking about through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we have now received and in King James it’s translated atonement the Greek word is actually katallage katallage does not mean covering it doesn’t mean atonement what it actually means is exchange or sometimes translated reconciliation but what the blood of Yeshua did it doesn’t cover our sin it exchanges our sin so what that means is when you’re born again when you enter into covenant with Him His blood removes your sin and replaces it with His righteousness it doesn’t cover your sin and leave it in place that’s an old testament concept to cover so I would say this I know it sounds heretical the blood of Jesus did not atone for sin now don’t go and say I said that but you understand what I’m getting at it didn’t cover our sin no katallage is the verb that’s used in Greek it blasted sin out of your spirit and replaced what was there with a new creation this is the concept we see in the new covenant is that you’ve been made a new creation the body of sin has been done away with Romans 8 says and here in Romans 5 you have received a divine exchange an exchange means this Jesus Yeshua takes your sin and gives you His righteousness that’s an exchange you get His purity His righteousness He gets your sin it’s not your sin remains and it’s covered like happened in the temple by the blood of bulls and goats where there was an atonement a day of atonement a covering made for sin no, no, no that concept is completely an old covenant concept and what happened when Messiah came is there is a divine exchange He takes your sin you get His righteousness and that is so powerful to understand that in this divine exchange you are righteous now you’re not waiting to become righteous His righteousness has been imparted into your spirit your spirit is 100% righteous filled with the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 6 I believe it is it says I think it’s verse 17 he who has joined himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him what does that mean your spirit and God’s spirit have become one He’s filled you with His Holy spirit that is completely different than covering or the concept of atonement you can tell I am so excited about this if you can get a hold of this when Yeshua shed His blood it didn’t leave your sin in place and cover it like the old covenant no, it exchanged it and you took His righteousness you can walk in the newness of life as a new creation 2 Corinthians 5:17 whoever is in Christ is a new creation behold old things are passed away all things have become new that’s talking about what happened in your spirit the sin passed away it’s gone it’s eradicated it’s been exchanged that’s what actually happened by the blood of Yeshua I hope you’re as excited about that as I am the blood of Yeshua didn’t atone for sin didn’t cover it it eradicated it and exchanged His righteousness for your sin so you get to walk in His righteousness so today as you go through your life I pray that that revelation drops that you get a revelation I am in Him I get to walk in His righteousness He has made me a new creation and I pray that today you would love God with all your heart that you would bless people around you and the result of that is you will make an incredible impact and difference in the world all around you


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