Acts 9:3-6

Two Questions Paul Spent His Life Answering


Acts 9:3-6 as he was traveling it happened that he was approaching Damascus and suddenly a light from Heaven flashed around him and he fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him Saul Saul why are you persecuting me and he said who are you Lord and He said I am Jesus whom you’re persecuting but get up and enter the city and it will be told you what you must do the men who traveled with him stood speechless hearing the voice but seeing no one Saul got up from the ground and through his eyes were open he could see nothing and leading him by the hand they brought him into Damascus and he was 3 days without sight and neither ate nor drank this is an amazing encounter that Paul had with the Lord and he spent the rest of his life just answering two simple questions who are you Lord and what do you want me to do I believe those are great questions that every one of us could answer everyday on a short term basis who are you to me today Lord and what do you want me to do today what kind of things do you have in mind for me today are there going to be encounters with people that I’m going to have today and you want me to give them your word is there somebody I need to pray for healing for today is there somebody I need to encourage or help today Lord what do you want me to do and then long term Yeshua it’s incredible that you died for me you gave your life for me I owe you everything what do you want me to do for the rest of my life many people never ask that kind of question a lot of people their whole interaction with God is what can God do for me oh Lord I need this I need that gimme gimme my name’s Jimmy and that’s some people’s whole relationship with God in life is what can God do for them in reality we don’t want to know what God can do for us but that whole thing needs to be reversed who are you Lord and once we get a revelation oh my goodness the God of the universe wants to have relationship with me He wants to talk to me and then the second question what do you want me to do not what can I get you to do for me how will you fulfill my prayers, my dreams my desires, my goals no life isn’t about me it’s about Him and what He put me on planet earth to do the amazing thing the most fulfilling time in life is when you find out the answer to those two questions who He is to you and what He wants you to do you engage in doing that with all your heart you’re going to have more fun than anybody really ought to have on planet earth that is exciting that’s been true in my life for over 40 years I got an understanding I need to just ask that everyday who are you Lord and what do you want me to do so the question is today let’s pray that prayer and if you’ve never prayed that and asked long term Lord who are you I want to be here for you to accomplish your purpose not to try to get you to accomplish my purpose that would be a great prayer to pray today and then specifically for this day Lord what do you want me to do so let’s just pray that Father I just join with every one of my brothers and sisters watching this today and we ask that question who are you Lord who are you what relationship do I have with you what do you want to say to me and secondly what do you want me to do today are there specific things today that you have in mind for me people that I’m going to encounter things that I need to accomplish in your kingdom Lord what do you want me to do today now take just a minute and listen just listen to what He says Father I think you for answering that question for every one of us who are you or the two questions and what do you want me to do today remember as you go through your life love God with all your heart bless people around you and you will make a difference


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