I Chronicles 16:34-36

Thanksgiving to God!


1Chronicles 16:34-36 oh give thanks to the LORD for He is good for His loving kindness is everlasting then say, save us oh God of our salvation and gather us and deliver us from the nations to give thanks to your Holy Name and glory in your praise blessed be the LORD the God of Israel from everlasting even to everlasting then all the people said Amen and praised the LORD Happy Thanksgiving if you live here in the United States where I do today is the day that we celebrate Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is originally rooted in the feast of Sukkot God’s feast of Tabernacles called Sukkot which was a harvest festival it was a great Thanksgiving unto God and here in the United States when the American pilgrims first came to this nation they established a day to celebrate and thank God for His goodness and I believe many of them understood that it was the LORD’s feast of Sukkot and they were celebrating the feast of Tabernacles they were celebrating the fact that they had been delivered from persecution religious persecution in Europe and they were celebrating harvest in the new land now if you don’t live in the United States it may not be a day of Thanksgiving celebration in your country it’s a great day to give thanks to God anyway to remember that God has been good to us God has been gracious to us I encourage you today to just make a list of 20 maybe 25 things that you’re grateful for and just spend some time thanking God many times in our family when we meet on this celebration of Thanksgiving what we like to do is make a list of things that God has done for us things that we’re grateful for and share that with one another and just spend a little time thanking God in our family for our own family for our children for our grandchildren for my wife or you can thank God for your husband thank God for His goodness in your life for the house that He’s given you the land that He’s given you to live in all these kind of things I encourage you to do that today make a list of things that you’re grateful for and spend a little time reading that list to each other thanking God together I pray that today you would be overwhelmed with God’s Thanksgiving that you would not be able to escape the gratefulness that would rise up out of your heart for all the wonderful things that God has done on any particular day we can complain about things that we have thought didn’t go well in our lives if you focus on those things it’s like seed it’s like putting seed into your mind of things that don’t go well and that seed will bring forth more fruit why would you want to do that instead why don’t you take seed of gratefulness and thanksgiving put that on the inside of you thank God and really that’s a great thing to do every single day is to spend time thanking God in the beginning of your day for the things that He has done and establish an attitude of gratefulness in your heart you know what that does that will release favor everywhere you go people love to be around grateful people other people don’t want to be around people who are complaining people who are always negative but people want to be around folks that are grateful so today thanksgiving day in the United States let’s have a time of thanks and gratefulness to God let’s just pray Father I pray for each one of us that you would remind us of all the things that you’ve done for us God that you would remind us first of all that we’re forgiven by the blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach that we’ll live forever because of His blood thank you for forgiving our sin thank you Father for giving us life thank you for all the wonderful things that you’ve done and LORD I pray that you’d remind each one of us today of all the things for which we’re grateful thank you for this day that we can celebrate and say thank you to you and praise you Father even as Israel did here to say that you are great and we give you thanks for everything in our lives in the mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Amen


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