Psalm 127:3-5

Sow the Seed of Blessing


Psalm 127:3-5 behold children are a gift of the Lord the fruit of the womb is a reward like arrows in the hand of a warrior so are the children of one’s youth how blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them they will not be ashamed when they speak with their enemies in the gate the Bible says children are a gift from the Lord God is the one who gave us children the picture that we have here is that children are like arrows and God is like an archer parents are like a bow so God strings a child in the bow of parents draws back the string and lets it fly toward the mark that’s God’s plan many times parents miss the job description I read just an amazing story in a book by Noel and Phyl Gibson called Demonic Squatters and removing them and it tells the story of two American families and here it is Max Jukes was an atheist who married a godless woman some 560 descendants were traced 310 died as paupers 150 became criminals 7 of them were murderers 100 were known to be drunkards and half the women were prostitutes the descendant of Max Jukes cost the United States Government more than 1.25 million dollars in nineteenth century dollars that’s probably more than 250 million dollars today listen to the contrast another man was born at the same time Jonathan Edwards was a contemporary of Max Jukes he was a committed Christian who gave God first place in his life he married a godly young lady and some 1394 descendants were traced remember how many descendants Max had 560 Jonathan had almost 2 1/2 times the descendants 1394 what happened to these descendants 295 graduated from college of whom 13 became college presidents 65 became professors 3 were elected as US senators 3 estate governors others were sent as ministers to foreign countries 30 were judges 100 were Lawyers one was the Dean of an outstanding law school 56 practiced as physicians 1 was the Dean of a medical school 75 became officers in the military 100 were well known missionaries preachers and prominent authors another 80 held some form of public office of whom 3 were mayors of large cities 1 was the controller of the US treasury another was vice president of the United States it’s amazing not one of the descendants of the Edwards family ever cost the US Government any money they were not a liability what an incredible contrast of blessing and cursing between Max Jukes whom nobody’s ever heard of and Jonathan Edwards a committed man of God and we see each man had seed they deposited it in their children and that seed the seed of Max Jukes made it very difficult for his descendants to fulfill a destiny that God had for them and yet the seed of Jonathan Edwards was just the opposite made it almost impossible for people not to fulfill the destiny that God had for them the question today is what seed are you sowing into your children let me just bring this up also regarding past generations some people here that story and they say oh my goodness I think Max Jukes was probably my great great grandfather because I look in my past I see horrible things maybe there are people that were thieves and murderers and immoral people witches and all kinds of awful things what chance do I have the good news is this the very fact that you’re listening to this today indicates that apparently God chose you in this generation to change it for future generations you’re the first Jonathan Edwards in your family lineage others of us find that we’re riding on a wave of generational blessing from the past that God has made it easy in our lives for certain things that people in past generations blessed us with whichever way it is it doesn’t matter but the key is let’s sow the seed of God into the lives of our children and that primary seed is blessing imparting blessing to your children let’s pray I pray for you today that you would be a Jonathan Edwards to your children that you would sow the seed of blessing into the lives of your children and it would go for a thousand generations of blessing that your descendants would fulfill the destiny and the life that God has for them I pray this for you this day in the mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Amen


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