Proverbs 29:11

A Wise Man Governs His Temper


Proverbs 29:11 a fool always loses his temper but a wise man holds it back any fool can express anger when things don’t go his way that happens to many many people many people let emotion get stuffed inside all the time when things don’t go their way they just put it inside put it inside put it inside many people have an anger cycle they push things down on the inside when minor annoyances happen in their life or things don’t go their way and if you push it down enough it eventually all explodes and unfortunately many times it explodes on family members on people we love people that are around us and then people are told even control your anger we’re not called to control anger we’re called to find out what’s causing it and remove the root of it what I discovered is this anger is actually like a red light in your car a red light in your car is just an indicator of a problem it’s not the problem anger is exactly like that anger is not the problem anger is an indicator of the problem how ridiculous would it be to create a red light management program in your car the world has all kinds of programs they call anger management because many many people don’t believe that you can ever get to the root of anger and remove it that you have to just live with anger all your life and that is absolutely not true I know that in my own life anger is just an indicator so it’s like a red light when a red light comes on in your car you could bash it out with a hammer take care of the red light or put a piece of tape over it or remove the electrical wires that’s hooked up to it so the light doesn’t work anymore have you solved the problem no of course not you fixed the indicator you didn’t fix the problem anger is like that it’s an indicator so what is the problem I did a whole series on that you might want to get a hold of that series to find out exactly what it is that anger is indicating I used to struggle with anger a lot especially in the early years of my life not as much at people as at circumstances and things but sometimes at people too and I remember God gave me a major revelation I was in my 40’s I was ministering Jan and I had gone to minister in a particular city we were staying in a pastor’s home and I had gone across the hall on a sunday morning to take a shower and I realized I didn’t take a shirt with me and I felt a little bit embarrassed I didn’t want to walk around this pastor’s house with no shirt he lived with his mother and his wife and I didn’t know him that well I’ve certainly been to the beach where people don’t wear a shirt and I don’t wear a shirt at the beach usually either but I just felt like it was inappropriate to be walking around this pastor’s house half naked with no shirt so I had a little plan I’ll just look out the door it was down the hall there and the pastor was having breakfast with his wife and his mother and I thought I’ll just look and find a time when they’re not looking and I’ll dash across the hall into my room and they won’t see me so I had the time all planned and I dashed across the hall and what I didn’t realize is that Jan had opened the closet door in this room we were staying in and because it was open it restricted the movement of the main door and I grabbed the door knob and tried to push it open and it went BANG against the door against the closet door and wouldn’t open made a loud noise and exactly what I didn’t want to happen was what had happened I found myself standing there in the hall completely embarassed and looking down the hall good morning pastor Jan Jan open this door and she was getting up from across the bed coming over to try to open the door but not moving quickly enough for me I ran back in that bathroom and do you know I was angry steam coming out of my ears and I remembered this teaching anger is not the problem that’s the indicator and I thought you know what this is indicating something much deeper there’s a lot more anger on the inside I’m a lot more angry than just this circumstance should warrant and so when I got back across the hall Jan moved the door and she said ok you can come in so I ran across the hall and I asked her to pray for me it was hard because I didn’t want to pray I was so angry I thought I got to preach in an hour from now at church and she ruined my message now I’ve got nothing to say because I’m full of anger in the end I asked her to pray the LORD took me back to an experience when I was in second grade where I had been humiliated by a teacher and blamed for something that absolutely wasn’t my fault accused of something that wasn’t true and so much anger came in my heart you know what I did I just stuffed it all down on the inside forgot about the experience but all the anger was there and that set up a pattern of anger in my life so if that’s something you struggle with it’s not a matter of just trying to control it because when we do that it’s like everybody has a bottle on the inside and it’s like you take the cork off the bottle you push the anger and emotion down in there put the cork back on pray a perfunctory prayer in the name of Jesus I forgive that person and then we say that’s under the blood you know what I found for many people it’s not under the blood at all it’s actually under the cork you just took the cork off your bottle stuffed all the anger and emotion in put the cork back and then another thing happens you take the cork off you stuff all the anger back in put the cork back in and you do this over and over until the cork can’t hold the anger blows out usually it’s somebody you love family members your wife, your husband people close to you they get wounded they get hurt you feel remorseful you repent you ask God to forgive you you vow I’ll never express anger like that again and it starts all over again many people function in that cycle and again I did a whole series on that we have a whole seminar called Overcoming Anger I encourage you check that out see if there’s one near you but the key thing is to realize anger is just an indicator of something much deeper LORD would you expose what’s going on on the inside so I’d like to just pray for you today Father I pray for every person who’s battled and struggled with anger today LORD would you begin to expose the root of that anger and father would you begin to touch deep in the heart of each person watching today with your love and Father with your grace LORD to remove roots of anger and Father I thank you for your anointing and your power to do that today in the mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah Amen


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