Hebrews 2:6-7

Exchange Your Shame for His Glory


Hebrews 2:6-7 but one has testified somewhere saying what is man that you remember him or the son of man that you’re concerned about Him for you have made Him for a little while lower than the angels you have crowned Him with glory and honor and have appointed Him over the works of your hands this scripture says God Has crowned you with glory and honor what really is glory glory is the feeling of being very very valuable it literally means in Hebrew to be made heavy and we used to use many many years ago in the hippy days ohhh that’s heavy what that means is that’s important that’s something you should take stock of or you think of the opposite light to make light of someone that’s the opposite, that means they’re not valuable they don’t mean anything they have no value glory is that feeling I’m valuable extremely valuable very important and the opposite of glory is to be made light so what’s the word that describes the opposite of glory it’s actually the word shame shame is the feeling of having no value shame is a wrongness of being shame is not I made a mistake shame is I am a mistake there’s a huge difference between shame and guilt God intended for there to be guilt in your life but God never intended for there to be shame what’s the difference? guilt is the feeling I did something wrong shame is the feeling I am something wrong guilt says I made a mistake shame says I am a mistake guilt says I sinned shame says I am sin so the purpose of the enemy is to convert guilt into shame guilt is a good thing when you do something wrong wouldn’t you want to know about that well of course that’s why God gave you a conscience so that you would know when you do something wrong what the enemy always does is transform guilt into shame so that he makes you feel like it’s not I just made a mistake I am a mistake I’m a worthless person I have no value because I did this thing shame comes in the lives of people when they’re little children how it primarily comes is when you’re blamed for things beyond your control things you can’t do things you don’t know like your mother says when you go into a friend’s home be a good boy and that’s a code word for do nothing wrong be perfect don’t bite anyone don’t get in a fight with any of the other little children don’t hurt anybody don’t wet your pants don’t spill anything and of course for a 5 year old that’s impossible you’re going to do one of those things and then if your mother is shaming she makes you feel like you’re a worthless person when you did that and many people carry that on into adulthood do you know that shame is actually the root of most anger people that struggle with anger almost always have a deep root of shame on the inside what are some of the symptoms of shame in adult life it’s an insidious insidious thing many people don’t even recognize it I just want to read you a little section from this book The Ancient Paths and there’s a chapter toward the end on shame and I got seven rules in a shame based family that I listed here I just want to read them to you quickly you might identify with some of them if any of these are pertinent in your life I really encourage you to go to an Ancient Paths seminar or get a hold of The Ancient Paths book and read this rule number 1 always remain in control of all behavior feelings and circumstances so never let anything get out of control rule number 2 always be right and do everything right never make a mistake perfectionism rules the family and there’s no room for a learning process everything must be the best and be as it is supposed to be nothing can be tainted spoiled flawed or outside the plan rule number 3 when rules 1&2 fail and things do get out of control get angry blame somebody else children are always held responsible for the parent’s anger in a shaming family rule number 4 deny everyone in the family five basic human experiences it’s wrong to feel perceive need believe or imagine control all your emotions do what the parents say is right always be self sufficient don’t bother anyone never have a need you have no right to imagine anything so you establish a lifestyle of stuffing denial and you never share anything rule number 5 always hide and maintain secrecy regarding anything that goes wrong don’t tell anybody somebody in the family is an alcoholic don’t tell anybody there’s some kind of sexual misconduct taking place in the family so you’re told if you do that if you tell anybody outside you’ve committed high treason against the family so it’s a closed system nobody can get any help rule number 6 never acknowledge a mistake or make yourself vulnerable to anyone and rule number 7 don’t trust anyone relationships are always erratic and unreliable God didn’t create you to be clothed with shame God created you to be clothed with glory it’s just the opposite and the reason I’m saying this today we read in the scripture this morning God wants you to be clothed He created you to be clothed with glory and honor so this is your day to begin to transform and exchange shame for glory are there areas of shame that God is identifying in your life let’s just pray Father I pray today for each one of us that you’d identify the areas of shame the areas that we feel worthless where we condemn ourselves where we blame ourselves and Father would you just speak to me today who do you say that I am how did you create me LORD what do you want to do with those areas of shame Father I pray that you would release that that you’d transform it and exchange my shame for your glory that I could walk today in the truth of who you’ve created me to be in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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