Psalm 126:5-6

Reap Your Harvest of Joy


Psalm 126:5-6 those who sow in tears shall reap with Joyful shouting he who goes to and fro weeping carrying his bag of seed shall indeed come again with a shout of joy bringing his sheaves with him this is an awesome scripture that says loss is never the end you know all of us suffer discouragement we all suffer losses from time to time it’s just a means of transition in every circumstance the devil has his plan God has His plan the life of Joseph the life of Daniel the life of Moses many of these people suffered great loss and the devil’s purpose in that loss is to discourage you and get you to quit but God always has a plan to strengthen you to build character and to give you more than you ever would have had before so every time there’s a loss you have a choice you can sow in tears and you can just sit down and sulk and pout and complain and be angry and never recover or you can take those tears and turn them into joy you can reap with joyful shouting it says so when loss comes you sow with tears but you don’t stay there you’re going to reap with joy I’ve always said this don’t let your loss go to waste when you sow in tears don’t waste the tears with anger, bitterness self pity and fear you know everybody suffers a shipwreck and you have your choice after the shipwreck you can sit on the beach and rehearse the shipwreck for years and years and years you find some people 10 years later they’re still telling you about the shipwreck that occurred or after the shipwreck recover get strong encourage yourself go out and build a new ship sail new seas into new adventures I’m just thinking of something I experienced in my life when I was young my Dad in 1964 lost a company that he had spent 10 years building and it was mainly due to injustice there was an unjust banker who was greedy and saw an opportunity took advantage of an opportunity and my Dad lost his company rather than declaring bankruptcy he took on about $400,000 of company corporate debt personally that was huge $400,00 was a huge amount of money in 1964 over the next few years his creditors became some of his best friends as he worked with them and they worked with him to pay that debt off and it was a transition time God lead him to be interested in a particular business venture my father is a petroleum geologist he became interested in a particular gas field studied that gas field and to make a long story short he ended up with over 200,000 acres of leases being given to him by companies that thought that that acreage was worthless well it turned out not to be worthless it turned out to be of huge value my father later packaged that acreage into units sold it to two gas companies kept an over riding royalty on it and it became a very large income for him after a number of years in his life and so the amount of money that came to him through this transition time was much greater than the money he would have ever made in the business that he had that he completely lost so don’t waste your losses in anger, in bitterness self pity don’t sit on the beach rehearsing the shipwreck recover, get up build a new ship sail to new seas God always has a plan God always has something new something exciting for you are you facing a shipwreck today are you facing a loss maybe a big one or a little one don’t be discouraged just look forward to what God has for you in the future so Father we just pray today would You open our eyes to see what You have for us today this very day and God would You open our eyes to what You have for us long term that we might walk in the fullness as supernatural people not natural people but experiencing spirit and truth walking in the principles You’ve given us that are truth principles but walking in the spirit expecting the supernatural LORD could we walk that way today would You grace us to do that in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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