Zechariah 4:6

Are You Working From His Rest or Your Effort?


Zachariah 4:6 then he said to me this is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel saying not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the LORD of Hosts very famous verse I’m sure you’ve probably heard it many many times but today the question is are you working from his rest or your effort that was something that Yahweh challenged me with many years ago because I found myself striving and trying and doing all kinds of things and many times not really getting anywhere I heard the LORD say to me if you would rest in me I would go before you open doors, give you favor and you would accomplish much more than you beating this door down and striving over here and trying over here and obviously of course we’re to work we’re to engage in what God has given us to do but we need to learn to rest in Him and allow Him to open doors I heard two men talking about their journey home from work everyday and one man said You know I found a new way to get home I get home 3 minutes earlier and the other guy said so what do you do with the 3 minutes? you know a lot of times people are pushing and striving and I began thinking about that you know when you’re in traffic you try to get ahead of this car then ahead of that car and then you get frustrated because this guy is blocking you and then that lane moves faster and you shift into it and then the other one goes and you’re stressing and pushing and striving for what? to get home 3 minutes earlier I found a lot of times in traffic it’s easier to just be a stick in the river make sure you’re in the right river the river that God has appointed you to be in but then just allow the river to carry you you know some months ago we were traveling to Russia on a missions trip we were to minister to people who had come from all across Russia to gather in a particular city we were going to do about a 10 day school of ministry for FFI there and we were trying to get to Russia and our flight was delayed out of Chicago and I was stressing out what are we going to do it’s going to make us misconnect in Moscow and then we’re not going to get to the city we’re going to in the end we lost that flight and ended up not being able to get to the city that we wanted to be to that we were supposed to be on that day and we had to actually go the next day and get there around noon I was pressing and getting angry inside with the ticket agents and that sort of thing at the airport and finally the LORD just reminded me of this not by might not by power by my spirit why don’t you just rest just rest in me so we decided ok we’re just going to rest and have a good time when we got there we found out there was a reason for it because the police had come to the place where we were speaking were looking for the americans because they had some questions wanted to ask them and you know fortunately we weren’t there at that particular time and so I think God had a reason for us to be delayed and not be there that particular day so this week and this day as you’re walking through life are you pressing trying to make things happen beat doors down or are you just allowing God to go before you I encourage you to learn how to rest in Him let God open doors for you let God be the one who goes before you and in many cases just be like a stick in the river so to speak you need to be in the correct river and yes we need to do what God has called us to do but don’t stress out over traffic don’t stress out over things that aren’t working over doors that close just seek God and let God open doors for you and learn to rest in Him He’ll open doors and you’ll accomplish much more than you trying to strive so let’s pray Father I just pray that today we would learn to rest in you that we would learn what you’re doing what we’re to do Father that we would just do the work that you’ve called us to do but not out of human effort not out of strife but resting in you and allowing you to open doors I pray that I pray for you today that you would have great favor that God would open doors before you all around you and that you would find rest in Him today as you go about your daily tasks I pray that for you in the mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah Amen


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