Psalm 147:10-11

Qualities That Delight God


Psalm 147:10-11 He does not delight in the strength of the horse he does not take pleasure in the legs of a man the LORD favors those who fear Him those who wait for His loving kindness so what are the qualities in which the LORD delights it says number one what he doesn’t delight in is human effort doesn’t delight in our strength in our plans in things that we can do these are not things that please the LORD what does the LORD delight in He delights in those who fear Him Proverbs 8:13 defines the fear of the LORD and it says it’s the hatred of evil so what does it mean to fear the LORD what are the two qualities that delight God those who fear Him which means those who hate evil not those who hate people who do evil those who hate evil God always separates identity from behavior so that He can love people who do wrong and yet hate the wrong that they do and it’s critical for us to learn that as well so the quality that delights the LORD is those who hate evil and fear the LORD and secondly He delights in those who wait for His loving kindness what does loving kindness mean loving kindness actually means His covenant faithfulness those who have read His word those who know His promises and those who wait on Him and trust Him it’s critical to learn that Abraham for example had an incredible covenant promise from God that God would make him the father of a multitude but he couldn’t wait for God’s covenant promise he had to engage with Hagar to produce an Ishmael because he wasn’t willing to wait for God’s loving kindness so that’s a quality that displeases the LORD the quality that pleases the LORD is those that will trust God those that have patience those that can wait for Him those who revere Him treat Him as Holy who hate evil who trust in His fatihfulness these are the two qualities that please God so it obviously implies that you can hear God’s voice and know His covenant promise that you can read it verse 11 says that He gives favor that’s His grace that’s the word grace God gave me a definition of grace many years ago it’s not just unmerited favor it’s God’s empowering presence exerting a divine influence upon your heart resulting in manifest change in your life that’s His grace God’s empowering presence that changes your life it says that God’s favor and grace is released to those who have these two qualities what it means is we need to focus on what God has called us to do but trust Him to do it to hear His covenant promise hate what’s evil trust Him and God will do what you cannot do God will provide what you don’t have the enemy always causes us to focus on what we can’t do and what we don’t have readjust your focus today to be on what you can do and what you do have and trust God to provide what you don’t have and to do for you what you can not do there are some today that are facing a difficult situation maybe you’re like Abraham you’ve received promises from God but you haven’t seen any manifestation of it if you will press in and trust God you will see the full manifestation of what God has called you to because the Bible says God pours out favor on those who delight in Him who fear Him and trust in His loving Kindness So let’s be people today who hate evil who trust the LORD and who wait for His loving kindness I’d like to just pray that Father I pray for each one of my brothers and sisters I pray for you today that you’ll hate evil that you’ll walk in the fear of the LORD that you’ll have a great Holiness and respect and honor for the LORD and that you will wait today for His loving kindness His covenant fatihfulness Father I pray for each one watching today that you would pour out supernatural grace and a fulfillment of your promise in our lives today thank you for who you are that you always act 100% consistent with your character so Father I pray blessing today upon each one in the mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Amen


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