Proverbs 8:13

What is The Fear of the Lord?


Proverbs 8:13 the fear of the LORD is to hate evil pride and arrogance in the evil way and the perverted mouth I hate WOW you may never have heard that definition of the fear of the LORD before Bible says the fear of the LORD is the hatred of evil it’s interesting because in the culture in which we live people always sort of present it as though it’s wrong to hate anything or anyone but the Bible actually says you’re supposed to hate evil not hate evil people not hate people who do evil hate evil and that really is the fear of the LORD there can not be love of God without a hatred of evil because God hates evil so if we’re going to walk with Him we need to have His attitude if you tolerate evil you can’t actually love God or fear God so the fear of the LORD demands the hatred of evil God always separates identity from behavior so God can love people but hate the evil they do and God doesn’t just tolerate evil God doesn’t sweep it under the rug He hates it so much that Yeshua had to die for it so the love of God is to hate evil and to hate what He hates a lot of times I see people say oh this is a hate free zone do you know what that usually means usually means its a God free zone it usually means we accept and love decrepit, destructive despicable types of things no we’re not supposed to do that we’re supposed to hate what God hates and love who God loves so we’re to hate evil not tolerate evil not attempt to accept evil when we’re trying to accept people we’ve got to actually agree with God on two counts this is critical two questions God what’s your attitude toward a person who sins and what’s your attitude toward sin God showed me that about me it starts with me when I sin when I do wrong how could I hate the sin without hating myself most people hate self when they sin God doesn’t hate you when you sin God loves you God accepts you so if you separate identity from behavior and ask the question God what do you say about me and what do you say about sin He says I love you but I hate what you did LORD thank you I agree with you I also hate what I did I also hate sin but I allow you to love me I allow you to accept me I repent I ask you to forgive me for sin now God’s forgiveness pays for the sin by the blood of Yeshua and God doesn’t hate you that’s a huge lesson many people need to learn that in order to hate sin you’ve got to separate identity from behavior so regarding other people how do I treat the sin of other people two mistakes you see there’s two ditches in an attempt to accept the person I accept their sin or on the other hand in an attempt to hate the sin I hate or reject the person no what we do is separate identity from behavior I had an amazing experience a little earlier this year where I was with a Filipino church not in the Philippines but it was actually in another country and the Pastor came from an LGBT background he had been a homosexual transvestite the LORD had completely delivered him changed his identity but he had reached into that community and drawn a lot of people from the LGBT community into his church that were in varying degrees of freedom what I noticed is that this was a place that people from the LGB community LGBT community and now there are several other letters I think that are added to that could come and feel comfortable not condemned, not judged not rejected and you know there were hundreds of people who were being transformed by the LORD and I asked the pastor when do you tell people that their sexual behavior is wrong he said never we don’t I said why not and this answer shocked me he said because they already know on the inside we don’t need to judge people we don’t need to tell people God gave every person a conscience he said we love them we bless them and one of two things happens he says because we have a lot of people from the background that have already been set free their identity has been completely restored he said people come into our community they begin asking questions how did you change what happened to you and they become interested in that transformation he said one of two things happens within a couple months either they continue walking with us and they want to experience that same transformation that comes by the blood of Yeshua the Messiah or they leave they don’t want to walk with us anymore and I thought that’s the most amazing thing how this pastor had learned to separate identity from behavior had an extremely effective outreach into the LGBT community not by arguing with anybody about homosexuality homosexual behavior by loving people blessing people and presenting opportunity for transformation I believe we need to hate evil but not hate people who do evil love and accept people who do wrong things but hate the wrong things they do and that starts with us so I pray today that you would separate identity from behavior walk in the fear of the LORD love people bless people but hate evil starting with the evil within you and around you I pray that for you this day in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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