Exodus 14:13-16

Be Still and Expect Miracles


Exodus 14:13-16 but Moses said to the people do not fear stand by and see the salvation of the LORD which he will accomplish for you today for the Egyptians whom you have seen today you will never see them again forever the LORD will fight for you while you keep silent then the LORD said to Moses why are you crying out to me tell the sons of Israel to go forward as for you lift up your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it and the sons of Israel shall go through the midst of the sea on dry land many many times we’re crying out to God to do what He’s given us authority to do we’re ambassadors on this earth I find many many times people are begging God Oh God please heal me Oh God change my marriage Oh God do this Oh God do that and often times God has said you know I did that already through covenant by the blood of Yeshua when He died and rose from the dead why are you crying out to me Go forward yeah but there’s a sea in front of us how are we supposed to go forward God says to Moses use your authority the authority I gave you by covenant stretch forth your hand over the sea and you do a natural act I will do a supernatural act Moses has no power to divide the sea but yet when he does something natural according to God’s command God’s word he stretches his rod out over the sea God does a supernatural thing and the sea parts so when you hit a wall or you come up against a sea what do you do? ask God God what have you said what am I supposed to do do what God does… pardon me do what God said and expect miracles God will do miracles everyday for us we may not need something we may not be facing a sea today or a wall maybe you’re just going through your life expect God to lead you supernaturally today there are divine appointments waiting for you today people that God has aportioned for you to meet so that you can minister to them or because they have something that they need to contribute to you so let God develop His plan in your life in your ministry in your business in your family so we want to walk like Moses where we’re expecting the supernatural when we hit a sea or we hit a wall instead of crying out and complaining to God just say God what have you said what do you want to do and God will always say you do something natural and it releases in the spirit for me to do something supernatural and God has just been speaking that to me over and over and over again that we are to learn to function in the supernatural when we do natural things God has told us to do it releases Him to do supernatural things so when you do what you can God will do what you can not do God has what you do not have but when you do what’s natural God releases the supernatural so I pray today that you will walk through life and you will be like Moses using the authority that God gave you as an ambassador releasing God’s supernatural life and power to other people around you today to walk and be a supernatural person not begging God to do what He’s already done receiving what God has done and releasing it everywhere you go releasing the abundant life that Yeshua died for so let’s pray Father I pray for everyone of us this day that you would open our eyes to see that we would walk in the supernatural that we would do the natural things that you’ve have called us to do and Father even when we face something difficult a challenge, a sea, a wall God that you would put a rod in our hands that we can stretch out and do something very natural a natural action and release the supernatural and you will do what we can not do in the name of Yeshua Amen


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