I Corinthians 7:10-11

What If My Spouse Leaves Me?


1 Corinthians 7:10-11 but to the married I give instructions not I but the LORD that the wife should not leave her husband but if she does leave she should remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband and that the husband should not divorce his wife what do you do when your spouse leaves unfortunately that’s common in this day and what we need to learn and I believe what a lot of the body of Messiah needs to return to is to understand marriage is a covenant covenant is terminated really only by death and so Paul gives us some instructions here what do you do if your spouse leaves Paul says first of all don’t divorce your wife don’t divorce your husband don’t you leave but if you have a spouse that leaves you have two options according to Paul and he says this is so strong he says this isn’t my idea this isn’t me speaking but he says but the LORD says the wife should not leave her husband but if one of them leaves what do you do he says two options in verse 11 here remain unmarried or be reconciled to your husband the reason he says that is because marriage is a covenant and I have literally seen many many marriages restored when one person remains and says I’m going to fight for my marriage I’m not going to give up my husband might be deceived my wife might be decieved they might have left they might be living with another person but you know what that’s not the end that’s God’s opportunity for restoration for reconciliation I remember a couple I’ve gotten to know quite well Tom and Lou many years ago Lou is the wife and Tom is the husband Tom left Lou went with another woman and began living with her God just spoke a word to Lou I will continue to work with your husband and I will bring him back and she had a revelation that she was to fight for her marriage because it was a covenant actually several years went by and there was more than one woman that Tom was with in the end he had his what I call Rip Van Winkle moment it’s like he woke up all of a sudden where have I been what have I been doing and he said LORD what do I do the LORD said go home restore your marriage and Tom did and after many many years of separation and divorce they were divorced Tom returned home and Lou had been faithful all those years waiting for Tom knowing that the day would come when her marriage would be reconciled and she did what Paul said she remained single believe in God for the restoration of her marriage so many times today people that want to do that don’t find much encouragement in the church other people tell them you’re crazy why would you do that move on with your life we do need to move on in the sense not be in idolatry toward a person that’s left but be in love with the LORD move forward with Him yet never losing hope of the fact that yes God will restore my marriage and this is just awesome for people that can get a revelation of covenant to realize God is for you God will restore it’s an incredible incredible thing to see all the couples that I’ve met that God has restored sometimes after months sometimes after years sometimes after incredible deception after living with other people all kinds of things like that and so I think the reason that I felt lead to share this today is undoubtedly there is some today that are separated maybe even divorced you need a miracle for God to restore your marriage and today is your day to rise up in your spirit and believe God for a miracle and if that’s not true for you personally probably you know people maybe in your immediate family people at work people in your congregation where one has left and the people around you need encouragement to stand in covenant many times today people seem to be able to believe God to heal cancer but they can’t believe God to heal a marriage and I’ve seen lots and lots of them healed I just want to pray today and would you just grab hold of this word by faith that God is a healer he’s a reconciler he’s a restorer there’s nothing impossible to God that’s true for your situation that’s true for your relatives for your children for people that you know God just spoke to me somebody it’s your son and daughter and they are in that process of separation and divorce God can restore that and it’s critical for you to stand and be an intercessor for them so let’s pray together not just for that couple but for many whoever God has brought to your mind or maybe it’s for you personally so Father today we just join together for supernatural healing and restoration of marriages Father I pray right now for that couple that’s separated or even divorced and God it’s your purpose and desire to reconcile and restore Father I pray that you give a revelation to the one who has had a spouse left that your job is to pray and believe God and stand in covenant and expect God to do miracles of restoration and healing in your marriage so Father we just come together today with you in agreement Father restore heal marriages and I speak to you if you’re the one that’s standing and you’ve got a spouse that’s separated be encouraged God is for you you have a strong ally on the inside of your spouse the Holy Spirit Ruach Ha Kodesh and He is even now speaking to your spouse bringing light bringing truth to them so Father will you release restoration and healing of marriages today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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