Proverbs 28:20

The Faithful Man is Blessed


Proverbs 28:20 a faithful man will abound with blessings but he who makes haste to be rich will not go unpunished there’s always a principle that when people are faithful to steward that which God has given them they prosper they do well so a faithful man it says will abound with blessing I found that many times people get caught up in get rich type of schemes things that they’re going to do and they really don’t work in other words people don’t do anything to contribute to the economy it’s just a get rich quick scheme those things really don’t work I wrote a book Five Wealth Secrets 96% of us Don’t Know what do the 4% know? the 4% are multipliers the 4% pursue vision many times 96% have never learned how to multiply the 4% always pursue vision first many times 96% of the people pursue money if you pursue money and not vision many times you’ll have neither money always follows vision so if you pursue vision you find out what is the vision what does God want me to do pursue and follow vision money follows vision people will invest in vision when you pursue money nobody wants to invest in you people immediately realize ohh you’re after money you’re not trying to contribute anything to the economy you’re not trying to contribute anything to us but when you have a vision to contribute to the economy to bless other people money naturally follows so what’s the key to success one man said it this way they asked him what’s the key to your success he was a wealthy man he said television they said television what do you mean you had infomercials or what he said no no no not the electronic income reducer that sits in your front room no tell other people your vision tell a vision when you tell a vision other people will want to invest in the vision people always invest in somebody with a vision here’s an interesting thing I can’t think of one scripture that says for lack of money my people perish but I hear people all the time Oh I can’t do this business because I don’t have any money I can’t go on this missions trip because I don’t have any money I can’t do this or that because I don’t have enough money the Bible doesn’t say for lack of money people perish there are two things that cause people to perish the Bible says for lack of knowledge my people perish Hosea 4:6 and for lack of vision people perish Proverbs 29:18 so people perish for lack of vision and for lack of knowledge but not for lack of money I remember a beautiful woman of God, Elsie Hall who’s worked with our ministry for many many years she wanted to go on a missions trip with us to plant the ministry of Family Foundations in Zimbabwe didn’t have any money and it got close to the time when she was leaving she said I’d love to go but I don’t have any money I said Elsie why don’t you just write a couple of letters to some of the churches you’ve ministered in and people you’ve ministered to and see if they’d be interested share with them what you’re going to do she said ohh I hadn’t thought of that she did that and do you know within about two weeks more than enough money came in for that missions trip Elsie went with us to start Zimbabwe to start South Africa to start Singapore when we started in Philippines when we started in Ukraine how did she go she was a retired school teacher how did she have enough money to do that she didn’t need money she had vision if you have vision you don’t need money if you don’t have vision you need money if you don’t have money or vision you perish so this is a critical thing pursue vision be faithful with a vision you have the faithful man will abound with blessing so I encourage you to be faithful pursue vision not money and God will open all kinds of doors for you bring people who want to invest in you pursue vision not money God bless you


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