Habakkuk 2:3

Wait For the Vision Which Comes Quickly


Habakkuk 2:3 for the vision is yet for the appointed time it hastens toward the goal and it will not fail though it tarries wait for it for it will certainly come and it will not delay now that seems contradictory doesn’t it what does it mean though it tarries wait for it that means be patient it’s going to come it’s going to take a long time it will come and it will not delay well which is he saying it’s going to delay or it’s not going to delay actually it’s both and here’s what we found I found this so many times in my own life God gives you a vision and it takes much longer than you thought it would for it to be fulfilled but when it comes it comes suddenly very quickly you have examples of David for example who was called to be king but it was 13 years from the time that Samuel anointed him until the time that he was king and when it happened it came very quickly very suddenly you have Joseph who was in prison for many many years told that he would be a leader and suddenly he was delivered from prison and made prime minister of the nation so these things happen quickly they happen suddenly you really can’t plan for them and what Habakkuk is saying here is the vision is yet for an appointed time what does that mean? that means God has a timing and a vision that he’s given you and I believe God has given you a vision there are things that he has said to you which are yet for an appointed time in the future that means they haven’t happened yet but what do you do? prepare prepare yourself study do the training do what you need to do to prepare for what God has called you to do because it’s going to take awhile but at the appointed time it will come every one of us are like keys on a piano and God is the piano player He’s the one that’s hitting the keys in a piece that He’s composed can you imagine what it would be like if you’re the composer you’re the pianist and yet you’ve got all the keys that are animated standing up crying out to you all the time play me, play me it’s my turn you played him twice you didn’t play me once yet it’s my turn can you imagine how that would drive the pianist who’s trying to play the piece absolutely nuts I think we do that with God well God he started after me and you put him out ahead of me God why are you doing No, God is creating His masterpiece and at just the right time He will play your key and you’ll be a part of the orchestra not the orchestra but a part of the composition the piece that God has created and so be patient wait for the vision to come God had called me to be a pastor I knew I was to pastor for several years before it happened and then when I was released to be a pastor do you know that it all happened in 2 weeks in 2 weeks time my pastor called me and shared with me that there was a particular church that he was associated with in need of a pastor and he wanted me to go and Jan and me to be the pastor of that church the amazing thing was we had 2 weeks to prepare for that so it was 2 weeks from the time we knew about it until the time we were released but yet it was years coming and so I had to wait and be patient and so that is exactly what Habakkuk 2:3 means there is a vision God has given you a vision it is for an appointed time it will tarry it will wait for awhile but you prepare wait for it it will certainly come that’s the word of the Lord it will certainly come that’s the word of the LORD to you today it will certainly come what God has said to you will certainly come and it will not delay meaning at the appropriate time it will be released and it will happen very very quickly so Father I pray today for the vision for each person watching today I pray for you that you would wait for the vision prepare yourself for the vision be in that place ready to walk in the vision that when the time is right and it’s released that you’re in the right place a the right time with the right skills with the right attitude ready to fulfill what God has called you to I pray that for you today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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