Matthew 5:5

Are You One Of The Meek?


Matthew 5:5 blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth or it really says they shall inherit the land are you one of the meek many years ago I was seeking God regarding that verse I said LORD I would like the two things that verse talks about I would like to be blessed and I would like to inherit the land but what is meekness what does it mean and as I pressed in and started looking in my bible dictionary to find out about that word meek I was a little surprised I had always thought meek and humble meant the same thing but what I realized as I did some study into that word meek and humble are really quite different humble is an attitude meekness is an action humble describes who you are meek describes what you do so meek is how you manage resource that’s available and here’s what I saw meekness is a result it’s a fruit of power and it’s not somebody who’s weak it’s not somebody who doesn’t have power meekness is somebody who has great resource great power but they voluntarily choose as directed by the Holy Spirit to limit themselves to only use a percentage of available capacity so meekness means having margins in your life meekness means I have this much I voluntarily choose to use this much of money, of time, relationship capacity whatever it is so when I began thinking about ok if meekness means I have this much but I only use this much I have margins then what’s the opposite the opposite is I have this much but I choose to use this much where do I get the extra? and the answer is I have to borrow and here was a huge revelation to me the opposite of meekness is debt debt having this much capacity and choosing to use more than 100% meekness is choosing to use less than 100% capacity voluntarily limiting yourself as directed by the Holy Spirit to use less than 100% capacity in most of our western societies our culture is anti meek we live in a 140, 180, 200% of capacity in money almost everybody’s in debt people schedule their schedule where they use up every second of every day and they actually are operating again at greater than 100% capacity so if we look at that and we see what Yeshua said here in Matthew 5:5 two things happen to the meek people they’re blessed and they inherit the land so what happens to the opposite what happens to the indebted people well they’ll be not blessed or if you want to go stronger cursed and lose the land I think there’s great financial shaking coming globally and we have seasons and cycles of shaking I think we’re coming to one of those shaking cycles again and every time there’s a shaking there is a huge transfer of wealth and who does it go from and who does it go to I’ll just tell you right now it goes from those who have borrowed and can not repay to those who show mercy and give that’s a combination of Proverbs 13:22 and Psalm 37:21 which defines those two things but it goes basically from those who are meek and have no debt to those… pardon me from those who are in…. it’s just the opposite it goes from those who are indebted to those who are meek I asked my Dad who lived through the great depression of the 1930’s Dad what happened to farmers around you my Dad lived in a farming rural community in Wisconsin his family were farmers and he said oh my goodness many people in the 30’s lost everything he said my best friend’s family lost their farm I said Dad how did they lose their farm he said well they had borrowed money from the bank and when the depression came we were dairy farmers and the amount we got paid for the milk kept going down and down and down and finally it reached the point that the milk check wasn’t enough to pay for the bank mortgage on the farm and the bank repossessed their farm I said well what happened to it well the bank sold it at auction he said I said how much did they sell it for he said well that was amazing it was pennies on the dollar I don’t know exactly he said 5% certainly under 10% of it’s former value I said who bought it and he said that’s interesting it was somebody that had no debt bought that farm for 10% of it’s former value and I saw it that’s Matthew 5:5 what happened to the family who bought the farm they were meek they had no debt and they inherited literally the land who lost the land the people that were indebted that had borrowed more than 100% in other words they insisted on living at greater than 100% capacity and they literally lost the land in the 1930’s who inherited it? those who had no debt what’s the definition of people who have no debt the meek and that’s not only regarding money that’s true regarding time many people have no excess time no margins for time no margins for relationship and the consequence of that is you can lose the land of your marriage lose the relationship with your children why, too busy no time no capacity to give no emotional capacity to be there for your children what’s that called that’s called emotional debt being indebted no time to spend with your wife, with your husband what is that? debt what happens? you’ll lose the land of your marriage so people can lose not only physical land they lose money they lose relationship lose their family as a result of being indebted this is what Matthew 5:5 means it doesn’t mean the meek will inherit something in the sweet by and by in the millenium in heaven no it’s right now meek people inherit the land physical land business inherit their relationship with their wife with their children with their family so what we find is that when financial shaking comes meek inherit the land the indebted lose the land in all kinds of different areas this is even true in health people that have no margins in their health they eat at fast food restaurants they don’t take time to digest their food they’re always because they have no meekness in finances they have no meekness in time so they have no meekness in health and what they’re doing is using up the future capacity of their physical health today and as a result of that they lose the land of their health so this is a key principle blessed are the meek they shall inherit the land let’s pray I pray for you today that you would be meek that God would show you areas of your life where you’re operating in debt where you’re not meek whether it be in time in your marriage with your children in your business in your finances Father would you just expose to each one of us this principle where we’re violating it where we’re not meek God would you expose in my life today areas where I’m indebted and Father I pray for supernatural outpouring of your grace I pray that God’s grace would be poured out on you today and that God’s plan would be opened to you Father what do you want me to do to move from indebtedness to meekness that I might not be one who loses the land but I would be one who inherits the land Father would you show each one of us that and how we can be a blessing to other people around us because we have some excess capacity of money of relationship emotional capacity time available to be a blessing to other people Father would you expose that give us your plan today in the mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Amen


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