John 10:10

The Enemy Only has 3 Strategies


John 10:10 the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy I came that they may have life and have it abundantly the enemy only has 3 strategies the kingdom of darkness only has 3 strategies and they use them over and over again what 3 strategies? steal, kill, destroy steal what? your money and finances kill what? your physical body destroy what? your relationships the most interesting thing if you go in a shopping mall and ask people what keeps them awake at night what they worry about it’s going to be 3 things money health marriage and relationship do you know what’s preached about beside salvation in the church most often prosperity which is money healing which is health marriage, family and relationships why is that? because those are the 3 areas of attack of the enemy health finances relationships the enemy only has those 3 strategies and he uses them to destroy and attack over and over and over again so what did Yeshua come to do He said I came that you might have life life in what area eternal life first then physical health provision financial provision and healing and restoration of relationships so it’s amazing it’s the same 3 categories if you would have a prayer call in church and invite people to come up whoever wants prayer do you know that the things people request prayer for are going to be those 3 things health finances marriage and family relationships why? because the devil only has 3 strategies steal, kill, destroy those same things Yeshua came to bring life to bring it abundantly what I found is Yeshua didn’t divide up His life He didn’t say now I’m in university or school now I’m at church now I’m in business no He brought life into every area where He went when He went to dinner when He went to the Synagogue when He went in the market place when He was walking on the road He brought abundant life He discerned whatever the need was He brought life to people’s marriages life to people’s relationship He brought Physical health to people who were sick He brought blessing and financial provision to people who were in desperate financial need whatever need they had He brought life we’re His representatives or ambassadors that’s what we’re to do bring life into whatever area people need it let me just ask you today in your own life What’s the greatest area of need is it physical health for you personally someone in your family battling a health challenge or is it finances are you having a significant struggle with finances money or provision in some area either you your children family members or is it relationships are you struggling in marriage do you have rebellious children that you’re struggling with teenage sons and daughters or other family members so those 3 areas what’s the greatest one for you I just want to pray today because Yeshua came to bring abundant life to you today and for you to take that life to others so let’s pray Father I pray today for each person viewing this that your abundant life would be poured out today in the area of health if you need healing I release health and healing that Yeshua purchased for you I release an anointing for healing upon you today and to take that to others I release today an anointing for financial provision to come to you and to release to others around you and I release an anointing for healing in marriage in family relationships to you today in the mighty name of Yeshua He purchased that for you so I release the abundant life of Yeshua to you today as His ambassador and I charge you go forth in your life today bring abundant life eternal life to people around you life into marriages into relationships pray for those that are sick to release healing financial provision to people these 3 areas that Yeshua purchased abundant life for us I pray blessing upon you today love God with all your heart bless the people around you you really will make a difference


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