Genesis 32:24-29

Peniel – Meeting God Face to Face


Genesis 32:24-29 then Jacob was left alone and a man wrestled with him until daybreak when he saw that he had not prevailed against him he touched the socket of his thigh so the socket of Jacob’s thigh was dislocated while he wrestled with him then he said let me go for the dawn is breaking but he said I will not let you go unless you bless me but he said to him what is your name and he said Jacob he said your name shall no longer be Jacob but Israel for you have striven with God and with man and have prevailed then Jacob asked him and said please tell me your name but he said why is it that you ask my name and he blessed him there Shabbot Shalom have an awesome day with Yahweh today on this Shabbat pushing everything else aside meeting with God that’s what Jacob did he met with God face to face and he prevailed but he came out of that with a limp I heard one man say never trust a man who doesn’t walk with a limp what does that mean a man who hasn’t been through some trials a man who has not been through some things where he made some mistakes or where he wrestled with God and in the end came through all of us need times with God like that when Jacob was wrestling with God 3 things happened number one he wrestled face to face with the living God I believe God wants us to meet with Him face to face He wants us to bring to Him our tough questions our difficult circumstances in life and to wrestle with Him because He wants to have input He wants to impart to us He wants to form us mold us, shape us to be the people that are able to fulfill to vision that He created for us on this earth so the first thing Jacob wrestled face to face with God the second thing he wouldn’t let this angel who probably was actually the LORD himself he wouldn’t let him go until he received a blessing what is blessing blessing is an empowerment to prosper blessing is an impartation spiritually it’s not just nice words God bless you it’s a spiritual impartation that caused Jacob to prosper the third thing that happened his name was changed to Israel Israel means one who prevails with God one who prevails with God I believe God wants that for every one of us we’re all to be those who prevail with God Jacob was passionate to receive that blessing that’s the question today how passionate are you are you willing to pursue God with intensity will you put away everything that hinders you some are in bondage to alcohol are you willing to put alcohol away today to come and give your whole heart to the living God are you willing to put away other addictive bondages to give your whole heart to the living God to pursue Him you may need to wrestle with God to gain victory over an addictive habit over a difficulty in your life Jacob wrestled with God until he prevailed he got God’s power he got God’s blessing his name was changed from the supplanter or the deceiver which is the meaning of Jacob to the one who prevails with God I pray that for you today that you would be one who would press into God with intensity press in with passion God I will not let you go until I conquer every hindrance in my life everything that would stop me from fulfilling what you’ve called me to fulfill and even think of what you call yourself some people call themselves failure some people call themselves unhappy some people call themselves in bondage don’t call yourself that call yourself one who prevails with God let God change your name today to a conquerer to an overcomer to one who prevails with God to one who fulfills a destiny one who’s called to a purpose and accomplishes it many times we have to let God change our name internally in other words change the things you think about yourself don’t think about yourself as the one who loses don’t think about yourself as the one who is in bondage or the one who never has anything good happen no, no that’s not your name your name is the one who prevails with God your name is the one who is blessed your name is the one who is a friend of the living God your name is the one who is redeemed by the blood of Messiah you are the one that God has appointed for this time, for this hour to fulfill a destiny and a purpose that nobody else can fulfill let Yahweh change your name on the inside from who you thought you were to who he says you are wrestle with God until you receive that blessing until you receive that new name press in until you meet with Him face to face and accomplish what He has called you to accomplish don’t leave His presence until you get what you came for be persistent with God I believe God love persistence and that’s what this passage is about being persistent with God I will not let you go until you bless me and then God blessed him changed his name and his whole life went forward in an explosion from that time forward God fulfilled all the promises that God had given to Jacob who now became Israel who is the inheritor of incredible blessing and Israel prevails on this earth to this day so press in do the three things Jacob did wrestle with God press in don’t let him go until you receive the blessing and let him change your name to what He says about you God bless you Shabbat Shalom


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