Proverbs 18:18

How to Settle Disputes


Proverbs 18:18 the cast lot puts an end to strife and decides between the mighty ones we’re talking today about Biblical resolution when two people are at odds with one another and many people are surprised to find out this particular principle the Bible says cast lots when you don’t know what to do cast lots that doesn’t mean we just trust luck what it means is we’re going to pray and ask God to guide us we use that every single time when we put together an Ancient paths seminar we have many many participants who are going to divide up into small groups of 8 we don’t know who to put in what group in the very beginning we used to try to figure it out we’d say well this guy doesn’t like that guy and he’s had a conflict with him and he probably won’t open up in the group if this other man is in the group and you know these two they know each other too well let’s put them in separate groups and these two let’s put them in the group we don’t do that anymore do you know how we train our seminar coordinators all over the world we train them to cast lots to put the Ancient Paths groups together and it is uncanny what God does we have had report after report after report of people saying I can’t believe God put that particular person in my group or do you know that everybody in our group came from this same religious background grew up in the same type of church do you know that everybody in our group had this common experience we couldn’t have figured that out God did that but we don’t just.. what we do is we put the names in a hat of all the seminar participants and actually draw them out by lot but before we do that we pray we say God direct our hands this is exactly what the apostles did in the book of Acts when they were going to choose a new apostle to replace Judas they drew lots and many people think that’s unscriptural that’s silly it’s not we just read it in Proverbs 18:18 the lot puts an end to disputes Jan and I have used it frequently when we come to an impasse or we’re not sure what to do and maybe it’s this maybe it’s that you know what we’ll do we have little lot chips one that says yes one that says no and one that says wait and we’ll put them in a bag pray over it God direct our hands reach in and draw it we have found over and over and over again that exactly what Proverbs 18:18 says is true the lot puts an end to strife there’s not usually strife between us but many times just indecision it puts an end to the indecision and we just decide so we pray we ask God then we cast lots the very first time we were to go to Bogota Colombia this was still back when there was some kidnapping of westerners going on of North Americans in Bogota we weren’t certain whether it was safe or not Jan wasn’t sure she really wanted to go there we had been invited together and she was really really sick she had gotten some terrible flu the day before I was coming from another city I was going to meet her in Miami and we were going to go to Bogota so she said you know I’m just going to cast lots she was telling me I don’t think I should come I’m sick I don’t want to make everybody else sick and I don’t want to go I’m a little bit fearful I’m not sure if I’m supposed to if the LORD really wants me to she woke up early in the morning at 4 in the morning and thought I’m going to just I’m going to cast lots she cast a lot you know just reached in the bag and picked the chip that said yes she did it again she said let’s do 2 out of three because she didn’t like it she didn’t like the answer she got so she did it again it came up yes a second time she said let me do it one more time and she did it again 3 yes in a row she was certain that was God she went to Bogota God healed her she wasn’t sick at all by the time she got to Miami we had a phenomenal time of breakthrough with a major church there and God used that to direct her it’s not something it’s not your first way of making a decision it’s not like well let’s just draw lots everytime no use wisdom read the word listen in the spirit but if you’re at odds with one another or you’re indecisive the lot is great way to settle it in the end pray trust God and cast the lot just like the disciples did to chose the replacement for Judas in the book of Acts let’s just pray Father I thank you that you want everyone of us to be decisive we’re not to walk around in indecision not sure what to do and Father you gave us a backstop in your word of what to do when we can’t settle on a decision and I thank you Father that your word says the lot puts an end to strife and when there’s strife between husband and wife or between business partners who are believers the lot puts and end to it Father I pray that you would teach us how to use this principle effectively thank you for doing so in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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