I Samuel 30: 6-9a

How to Deal with Setbacks and Discouragement


1 Samuel 30:6-9 more over David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him for all the people were embittered each one because of his sons and his daughters but David strengthened himself in the LORD his God then David said to Abiathar the priest the son of Ahimelech Please bring me the ephod So Abiathar brought the ephod to David David inquired of the Lord, saying shall I pursue this band? shall I overtake them? and He said to him pursue, for you will surely overtake them and you will surely rescue all so David went he and the six hundred men who were with him and came to the brook Besor where those left behind remained you know what happened here David went out hoping to fight with to fight Saul with the enemies of Saul and he was turned back he wasn’t allowed to fight while he was gone his enemies came and raided his city where he lived Ziklag and took everything took his families took the children took all their possessions they came back and David’s own men were so angry it said his own men were planning to stone him so how do you deal with set backs and discouragements that’s a pretty big discouragement where you come to find that your enemies have kidnapped all your children all your family all the families of all your friends everybody with you and taken all your possessions and they’re blaming you that’s a huge, huge discouragement have you ever faced a situation like that where it’s like everything I set my hand to doesn’t work and my own people want to stone me you know what David did? 4 critical things, 4 things verse 6 he encouraged himself in the LORD that means he strengthened himself the word that’s actually used there in Hebrew is he hardened himself it’s the same word that was used for God hardening Pharaoh’s heart he hardened himself I’m not going to be moved by these circumstances and by the words of people I am going to be encouraged I’m going to do what I need to do it’s not over loss isn’t the end God always has a plan then verse 8 he called for the priest and the ephod which was the way of enquiring of the LORD in those days so the second principle is let me get to God as quickly as I can because I need to find out what He has to say because if I can find out what God says I know what God is going to do the issue with a man who understands covenant is not what am I going to do but it’s what does God say? so the second thing he inquired of the LORD and then in verse 8 he heard from the LORD and he got vision from God and imparted it to his men so he said this is what the LORD says and this is what we’re going to do David put together a plan that he got from God he envisioned his men and turned their hearts and the 4th thing in verse 9 he executed his plan with success he went and did what the LORD said setbacks are only temporary unless you camp there unless you decide that I’m not moving from this I’m just going to just sit here and bemoan the circumstances and bemoan the fact that my family has been taken and I’ve lost my possessions if you do that you’ll never accomplish anything so what do you want to do it may be you need this today maybe today you’ve experienced a discouragement or setback if not please remember this for when it comes 4 things to do encourage yourself run to God and find out what He has to say get God’s heart and God’s plan and implement and execute God’s heart and God’s plan if you’ll do those 4 things you’ll overcome in every setback setbacks are only temporary except for those who make them permanent don’t do that let me pray for you today Father I pray for everyone of my brothers and sisters watching today God that you would remind us of these 4 principles that you showed us in the life of David in your word Father that we would run to you that we wouldn’t camp on discouragements LORD I pray for the one today that’s suffered a major setback and I declare over you that’s not the end this is just the beginning of what God has in mind for you Father I pray that today you would speak to every one of us we’d hear your voice and what you tell us to do that we’d be encouraged in your word encouraged in your plan thank you for what you have for us today Father I pray blessing upon my brother blessing upon my sister watching today that we would go forward in encouragement and joy today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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