John 10:1

The Father is the Door to His Daughter’s Heart


John 10:1 truly truly I say to you he who does not enter by the door into the fold of the sheep but climbs in some other way he is a thief and a robber what I want to share with you today is that I believe God intended that a father is meant to be the door to his daughter’s heart and this principle that Yeshua just outlines here applies in family relationships what that means is the father is meant to be a screen for young men who may be interested in that father’s daughter we don’t normally do that in our society today in our society today we have a dating system where young men and women just interact and relate with one another and the young man asks the young woman if she wants to go out on a date or today vice versa the woman asks the man if he wants to go out on a date and they just go out and they pair off and they become boyfriend and girlfriend and there’s no father involved in that no mother involved in that I believe that is absolutely contrary to God’s plan and what Yeshua actually said is that somebody who doesn’t go through the door is thief and a robber who is the door to a young woman’s heart? her father her Dad is supposed to be that door and let me tell you why that is if a father is not in place to protect the virginity and to protect the emotions of his daughter if he doesn’t do that who ends up having to protect that? that young woman has to protect it herself she has to protect herself she has to protect her own sexuality she has to protect her own emotions and many many young lustful men will be coming to her ohhh I want to go on a date with you I want to relate to you I want to have relationship with you come with me let’s go on a date and the young woman has to go through her life with this posture no, no, no if she’s a virtuous young woman and she wants to walk in emotional purity and sexual purity she’s going to have to say no to a lot of men do you know what that does to a heart the heart of a girl the heart of a young woman having to say no, no, no, no, no that hardens her heart that puts her in the defensive posture always pushing men away now do you think that hardness of heart and defensive posture just automatically goes away when she gets married and the answer is no, it doesn’t so in our society where there is no father in place there’s no door set in place to a young woman’s heart she has to protect her own heart she will inevitably go into marriage with a hardened heart she’ll go into marriage with a defensive posture no, no, no pushing defecting…pardon me defending protecting herself and God never intended for that to happen God’s plan you see it all through scripture the father is a door and the honorable man goes through the door the honorable man comes to the father and says sir I request your permission to begin to relate to your daughter and the father is the screen now daughters and fathers I know of that have made that agreement the daughters love it they just tell men that want to take them out on dates hey go talk to my dad he’s the door to my heart and I don’t just have casual relationships with people because that does untold damage emotionally that’s not my plan so if you have a serious interest in me go talk to my dad and that will screen them and weed them out very very quickly one father and daughter I know have had that agreement and the Dad just gave his daughter business cards and said you just give my card to any young man that’s interested in taking you out on a date or they actually didn’t believe in dating as it were but he has an interest in you and so the daughter did well there was a young man that came and the daughter would tell her dad in advance dad get rid of that one and the dad could be the screen to reject the ones but here was one that came that she did have an interest in this young man came and said sir I have an interest in your daughter I’d like to get to know her I don’t actually live in your city I met her at a Christian event that our families were all at and I’m asking you for permission to begin to write her to get to know her the Dad said I don’t know you from Adam I don’t know your family I don’t know what God is doing in your life no I don’t give you permission to write my daughter here’s what I will do I’ll give you permission to write me now many young men would rebel against that how dare you what do you mean I’m not trying to… I’m not even trying to see her I’m just trying to write her but this young man trusted God he believed that God was in it he said sir I would be delighted to write you so this young man and this father began to correspond and write back and forth in the course of about 6 months that father absolutely fell in love with that young man and he at his own expense invited that young man who was mature, godly had a vision had a purpose was good looking had all the qualities the father was looking for and knew that his daughter would appreciate he flew that young man out introduced him to his daughter and said honey I believe this is somebody that you really ought to take a look at and of course the daughter was already interested she had to die to herself to wait for that to happen but you know what happened that couple ended up becoming engaged ended up marrying and you know because that young man went through the door he could have gone around that father, he could have said I’m not writing you how dare you put a barrier like that this is God that’s drawing us together I’ll just write her at a friend’s house and her friend will give her the letters and I don’t have to go through your door he didn’t do that if he would have done that he would have destroyed something in character that God was trying to develop instead he honored that father and gained the trust and respect of the father the father supported the relationship and of course it was God they were married and here’s what happened in that young couple’s lives they spared themselves much of the turmoil the so called adjustment period that many people go through and waste a decade of their lives trying to get rid of the rebellion and the selfishness that they have because they never learned to honor their parents in teenage years this young couple didn’t have that problem were able to launch into their calling and destiny from the very early time earliest time in their marriage there’s another awesome testimony of a family that we’ve gotten to know from Bogota Colombia Florian and Raquel Pistulka are the parents an awesome testimony of their young daughter Salome is right here on this website if you just click the button right below this video I want you to hear Salome’s testimony it will just blow you away and I encourage you to play it for everybody in your family so just click the button below and listen to what Salome a young person has to say about this concept of a father being the door to her heart and I pray that you implement this and do the same in your family and share this with others so just click the button right now listen to what Salome has to say


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