Luke 17:5-10

Faith Comes by Obedience


Luke 17:5-10 the apostles said to the Lord increase our faith and the Lord said if you had faith like a mustard seed you would say to this mulberry tree be uprooted and be planted in the sea and it would obey you which of you having a slave plowing or tending sheep will say to him when he has come in from the field come immediately and sit down to eat but will he not say to him prepare something for me to eat and properly clothe yourself and serve me while I eat and drink and afterward you may eat and drink he does not thank the slave because he did the things which were commanded does he so you too when you do all the things which are commanded you say we are unworthy slaves we have done only that which we ought to have done now what on earth does this parable about a servant coming in and serving the master first have to do with the original statement or the question that the disciples said increase our faith they say increase our faith this is supposed to be about faith it’s like Jesus we want to know about faith show us how to increase faith and He tells us this parable about a servant coming in what does that have to do with that here’s what I realized everyday we need to walk in Spirit and truth spirit is the side where we reach into the heavenlies grab hold of the promises that are not yet manifest and believe God to bring them into manifestation truth is where we just obey the principles that we’ve already been told a lot of people they want God to do miracles when they’ve actually just violated principles and what Yeshua is saying here is faith comes by being obedient to what you’ve already been told so when God has already told you to do something don’t avoid doing that evade doing that skip doing that and then just want a miracle to come miracles come in the course of daily obedience remember Peter saw this awesome vision of food coming down out of heaven that he thought was unclean God said no it’s clean and it opened the door for him to realize that he was to go and minister to the gentiles in Cornelius’ house opened the door for the gentiles through a vision now how many times do you think Peter went up on that roof and prayed everyday just out of obedience same place same time many times nothing happened no vision came he didn’t feel the presence of God felt like he was talking to the air but he did it every day out of obedience that’s what released the miracle to happen so when you do the natural God does the supernatural we eliminated our debt including our house mortgage in 3 years many people say that is supernatural from year 2000 to 2003 how did that happen how did you do that do you know what it was we were obedient first of all to what God showed us to do we did natural things we put money in an investment jar not much a little bit didn’t know what to do with it we put it in a jar when we had nothing to do with it we didn’t know what to do and God said I’ll show you what to do and when we did the natural God showed us the supernatural and it actually resulted in paying off our entire house mortgage within 3 years that’s the principle the principle is we’re servants He tells us what to do we do it and that generates faith in his faithfulness to do supernatural things in our lives many people just want to skip the obedience part they want to skip the part of doing what God has told them to do and just have miracles here and there they want to skip the part of going on the rooftop and praying everyday for a certain period of.. for months and months and months with nothing happening people want to skip that and say could we just have the miracle today we’ll just go up there one time and start with the miracle no it doesn’t work that way you serve and serve and serve and serve being faithful and obedient to what God has shown you to do that’s how faith is generated in your heart and that’s what releases miracles so I encourage you today find a place of service serve where God has planted you be faithful to your employer be faithful to your boss be faithful to your family be faithful in the things that God has given you to do and that’s what generates faith and release miracles today as you go through your life be faithful in what God has given you to do love God with all your heart bless people and you will make a difference


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