Nehemiah 4:12-14

Fight for Your Family


Nehemiah 4:12-14 when the Jews who lived near them came and told us ten times they will come up against us from every place where you may turn then I stationed men in the lowest parts of the space behind the wall the exposed places and I stationed the people in families with their swords, spears and bows when I saw their fear I rose and spoke to the nobles the officials and the rest of the people do not be afraid of them remember the Lord who is great and awesome and fight for your brothers your sons, your daughters, your wives and your houses are you willing to fight for your family there are spiritual enemies and natural enemies who want to destroy the family there are people who think that the state is better suited to raise a family than parents there are people who want to destroy marriage there are people who want to completely disintegrate the family and there’s certainly spiritual forces doing the same thing these were the words of Nehemiah this is what he said in rebuilding the wall around the city and that’s our charge right now is to rebuild the walls of God’s values around our city we’re not to fear the people around us but fight for your family, how establish a culture of blessing in your own family it starts with just creating walls around your family what’s a culture of blessing I really define that in 3 ways if you’re married that the husband and wife would pray together every day what I call the 6 minute prayer just one minute each looking each other in the eyes praying to God asking God this question Father in the last 24 hours have I offended you sinned against you or sinned against my wife or my husband if so repent and ask forgiveness point number 2 a prayer of thanks giving thank God for all the things you’re grateful for today and number 3 bless your spouse bless your wife bless your husband that’s the first part of a culture of blessing couples who pray together as a couple everyday the second part at least once a week Jewish people normally do this on Shabbat I suggest you do the same have a meal together and bless your children tell them all the good things about them if you’ve wounded them that week repent ask forgiveness and bless them and the third thing bless your children at each of the seven critical times that we talk about in The Power of a Parent’s Blessing book and in the Ancient Paths seminar Blessing Generations seminar but especially make sure that you have a ceremony I call it a Bar Barakah for boys or Bat Barakah for girls it means son of the blessing or daughter of the blessing have a ceremony to release your son to be a man or your daughter to be a woman if you do those 3 things you’ll create a culture of blessing we influence society through the leaven principle you create a culture of blessing in your family and spread it to others to others to others that’s how we influence society don’t fight people don’t go out and tell them all the things that are wrong fight the true enemy by just creating a culture of blessing how do you do that the way that you actually impact society is doing the opposite of what the enemy is bringing restore the ancient paths restore the ways of God restore a culture of blessing in your family if your marriage is struggling begin to look each other in the eyes and pray together daily don’t give up don’t give the enemy a chance determine to fight for your marriage fight for your children fight for the marriages of your children fight for your family how do you do that not by fighting people but by creating a culture of blessing and doing the opposite of what the enemy is doing you fight pride with humility fight greed with generosity fight lust with purity you fight in the opposite spirit and establish a culture of blessing let’s put the walls back around our families the walls of a culture of blessing that people are attracted to come to see to be a part so today love God with all your heart bless people around you and put the wall of the culture of blessing back in your society if you own a business create a culture of blessing in your business in your church in your congregation in your community let’s be ones who fight for our families through a culture of blessing


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