Mark 9:49-50

Fire Produces Saltiness


Mark 9:49-50 for everyone will be salted with fire salt is good but if the salt becomes unsalty with what will you make it salty again? have salt in yourselves and be at peace with one another fire produces salt it’s an interesting statement that Yeshua says we’re all supposed to be salt salt is a picture of preservative salt is something that changes society we’re to be different from those around us to be salty as it were but when we start to lose our salt you know what happens God sends fire fire produces saltiness I find many times when we lose saltiness we end up going through some adversity not because God is the author of adversity but because that just happens in life and going through adversity going through difficulties going through a fire tends to produce character strength and saltiness when we look in the book of Daniel Daniel and his friends faced a literal fire they were thrown into a fire and they had burned out of them all the selfishness all the fear they didn’t bend they didn’t bow they didn’t try to escape the fire they just submitted to it the amazing thing God preserved them in the fire they changed Babylonian society Daniel and his 3 friends they were world changers in that society and that’s what God wants for us is to become salty to become world changers many many years ago I was sent to pastor a church and after only being there for a few months we discovered that one of the reasons that the founding pastor of that church was no longer wanting to pastor was because he had been in adultery been in an adulterous affair ended up divorcing his wife and marrying another person it was a very difficult situation and then a couple more years went by and I found out that the pastor from the church that I had been a part of that had sent me to pastor this church had committed multiple adulteries he ended up losing his whole church that church imploded over it I ended up pastoring a church in which the founding pastor committed adultery the covering pastor had committed adultery I had a lot of hurting distrustful people but you know what I learned over the years that I pastored I pastored that church for almost 8 years seven and a half years or so I learned how to restore the value of covenant in marriage because the enemy had destroyed the marriages of pastors around me the pastor that had sent me the pastor that had founded the church and that’s why God established a very strong value in my heart for the covenant of marriage that I saw in the word of God we’ve become very salty in that area as a matter of fact some people don’t like what the Bible says about the covenant of marriage but I like to preach that I like to teach that because I think it’s a critical value that our society is missing how did I learn that through going through a fire of having to deal with many many wounded people who are hurt by a leader or hurt by multiple leaders distrustful and I had to minister to them and allow the grace of God to bring healing to them and life to them it made me salty in that area not only in the area of marriage but in the area of bringing healing to people bringing life to people don’t despise fires that you have to go through again Yeshua said for every one will be salted with fire fire comes along you’ll pass through the fire fire’s not the end the fire just makes you salty what fire are you facing today just embrace it and allow God to make you salty Father I pray for each one of us that you would make us salt and light to people around us that you would use us to impact society that you would use us to change atmospheres and environments around us use us to be preservative agents in our society to restore your ancient paths to restore your values Father in our environment in our culture I pray that for each of us I just want to encourage you again today love God with all your heart bless people around you and let your salt make a difference in your environment


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