Genesis 41:38-40

Qualification for Leadership


Genesis 41:38-40 then Pharaoh said to his servants can we find a man like this in whom is a divine spirit so Pharaoh said to Joseph since God has informed you of all this there is no one so discerning and wise as you are you shall be over my house and according to your command all my people shall do homage only in the throne I will be greater than you Shabbat Shalom we’re talking again about the life of Joseph today Joseph was an amazing man it took 13 years of God working with Joseph in Egypt to get Joseph out of Joseph in the beginning Joseph was really full of himself wanted to tell his brothers and his family his vision of how he would be over all of them that sort of thing did nothing but get him in trouble and it took 13 years for God to get Joseph out of Joseph but here it says in the end Joseph had a divine spirit what does that mean the spirit of God was on Joseph he had spiritual discernment and he had a plan Pharoah looked at him and he said wow this man walks in two qualities spirit and truth and that’s what everyone of us need we need to have the spirit of God spiritual discernment what we’re supposed to do when we’re supposed to do it how we do it Joseph had spiritual discernment to interpret the king’s dream but not only spiritual discernment Joseph had a very practical plan what do we do how do we store the grain how do we go about it and he shared that plan with Pharaoh and Pharaoh said man there isn’t anybody as wise as you who has spiritual discernment and a plan let’s hire you and I’m going to make you prime minister over the nation so what are the 3 qualities that God worked into Joseph over those 13 years number 1 an ability to trust God’s timing and not his own remember Joseph wanted to get out of the prison long before he was released God had work yet to do so number one learn to trust God’s ability and God’s timing then number 2 learn spiritual discernment gifts of the spirit flow in the word of wisdom the word of knowledge faith miracles healing the gifts of the spirit discernment of spirits these are things that Paul said we’re to earnestly desire and pursue prophetic words gifts of tongues interpretation all these things pursue spiritual gifts and discernment and number 3 gain God’s wisdom for planning preparation and implementation learn how to walk in spirit and truth discern spiritually and then implement in the natural some people only have discernment in the wisdom some people have only natural wisdom and no spiritual discernment Joseph had both I believe that’s the message that we see today God wants to develop in us a trust in His timing and His ability not our own spiritual discernment and an ability to implement what God shows us to do allow God to develop those 3 qualities in you today and people will make you prime minister over a nation or they’ll raise you up to a place of prominence in the company or you’ll gain many new clients in the business in which you serve if you have spiritual discernment and you know how to implement the plan that you gain from the spiritual discernment that God gave you so walk in spirit and truth and God will bring you into a place of prominence to serve more people bless more people and of course that’s our goal is to bless as many people as we can to serve and accomplish the purpose that God has given us so pray to allow God to develop His discernment in you and His quality of wisdom in you and an ability to trust in His timing and not your own Father I pray that for each one of us would you develop those 3 qualities in us on this Shabbat day as we seek you spend time with you would you make us like Joseph in those areas I pray that in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen Shabbat Shalom


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