2 Kings 6:15-17

Can You See From God’s Perspective?


2 Kings 6:15-17 now when the attendant of the man of God had risen early and gone out behold an army with horses and chariots was circling the city and his servant said to him alas, my master! What shall we do? so he answered do not fear for those who are with us are more than those who are with them then Elisha prayed and said O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see and the LORD opened the servant’s eyes and he saw and behold the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha what an awesome story that reminds me so much of our life we’re called to walk in spirit and truth truth is a natural principle but spirit is seeing what’s going on in the supernatural around us are you a person who lives only in the natural only by what you see or do you see the angels do you see the plans that God has in advance can you discern what the LORD is saying about the future or do you just walk in the natural God didn’t design you to be a natural person God designed you to be a supernatural person all of us were designed to be supernatural a farmer can go out in a corn field and it isn’t a corn field yet it’s just a field of dirt because he planted the corn seed last week and all he sees is a field of dirt but yet in his mind he sees an abundant corn crop because he knows there’s seed in the ground it’s going to manifest a visitor could come and look at the same field and say there’s nothing there just looks like a field of dirt to me but the farmer can see the potential of what’s there we need to see what God has already written for us in the future there are literal angels that are assigned to you and to me there are angels they protect us they keep us safe some people see them most people don’t ever see them some do God has already released things in the spirit for you and for your business for your family for your life things that God has already set in motion that He wants to release there’s a story that’s already been written that you’re to walk in to but it requires discerning in the spirit what it is many times we’re just like this servant we can’t see what God is doing around us all we see is the enemy and all their forces it’s interesting the man that does not see in the spirit he always says the same thing that this servant said the servant said, what are we going to do Elisha there are more of them than us they’re going to kill us what are we going to do the man that sees in the spirit that has spiritual discernment says God what are you doing what have you said open my eyes that I might see in the spirit I pray today that God would open your eyes my wife Jan is able to see in the spirit much more clearly than I can I’m sure that’s why God put us together she has a radar system that’s not nearly as well developed in me and I need her discernment way back in 1987 we were going to buy a car we had the money to buy the car for cash but when I went to the dealership I found out they were offering a 2% financing on the car and a friend of mine had just told me I could put money in a mutual fund that he’d been investing in that made 12% I thought let’s just borrow the car dealership’s money or the manufacturer’s money for 2% put our money in the investment in the mutual fund for 12% we’ll make 10% per year Jan said I don’t feel good about it I said why not she said it’s debt I don’t want to take debt no no no it’s not debt the money will be over here in a mutual fund it’s safe and secure we can bring it out we can use it anytime to pay off the car but we’d be making 10% per year what don’t you like about making 10% per year and she said I just don’t feel good about it I don’t think we should do it and she persisted in that in the end I just kept badgering her and I prevailed in the end she said if you want to do it that bad just do it but I’m telling you I don’t feel good about it we did that in September of 1987 do you know what happened in October of 1987 the stock market crashed 60% it was called black monday we lost 60%of the money that was in that mutual fund and now we still had to pay for the car I thought ohhh man I wished I would have listened to my wife she discerned something in the spirit that I couldn’t see in the natural who could have known a month in advance nobody but she saw it in the spirit didn’t know how to explain it but perceived it and I didn’t have ears to hear I learned my lesson on that one I pay attention when Jan says now I don’t feel good about that or I sense we should do this or that I know she has a radar she hears from God sometimes we don’t know exactly what but I’ve learned to pay attention to that God wants all of us to have our eyes open in the spirit I’d like to pray that for you today I pray for you that today that as you walk through your day your eyes would be open in the spirit that you’d not only see what’s going on around you in the natural not only see the armies that are around about you both the friends and the foes but that you would see in the spirit what God is doing what God has apportioned to you that you would walk in the spirit hearing His voice today I pray for supernatural outpouring of God’s grace for you to hear in the spirit see in the spirit perceive in the spirit in the mighty name of Jesus the Messiah Amen


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