Mark 2:5-11

Perceiving vs. Reasoning


Mark 2:5-11 and Jesus seeing their faith said to the paralytic son, your sins are forgiven but some of the scribes were sitting there and reasoning in their hearts why does this man speak that way? He is blaspheming who can forgive sins but God alone? immediately Jesus, aware in His spirit that they were reasoning that way within themselves, said to them why are you reasoning about these things in your heart which is easier to say to the paralytic your sins are forgiven or to say, get up and pick up your pallet and walk but so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins He said to the paralytic I say to you, get up pick up your pallet and go home a very interesting thing that we see here there is a stark contrast between Jesus and how He operates and these Pharisees these others that are there what’s very interesting is the scribes that were sitting there they’re working in a completely different way and the two Greek words the Lord instructed me to look these up one time and it’s a stark contrast it says here that the scribes were reasoning in their hearts that word reasoning is the Greek word dialogizomai dialogizomai you might hear a word that sounds like english dialogue or logos or logic dia means through or by the instrumentality of so by the instrumentality of logic they were coming to a conclusion that’s that word that’s translated reasoning that’s what they were doing and then it says Jesus in verse 8 aware in his spirit that’s a different word epignosko epi means superimposed upon from without gnosis is the word knowledge so it’s knowledge that comes from without superimposed upon the being that’s epignosko it is supernatural knowledge that comes from God or the way that this Bible translates it He was aware in His spirit or perceived in the Spirit so here’s the difference do you perceive in the spirit or reason in the mind Yeshua was aware in His spirit they were reasoning in their minds what conclusion did they come to this man is blaspheming He’s not the son of God how dare He speak this way they came to a completely wrong conclusion but Yeshua was experiencing in the spirit hearing in the spirit we need to do both we need to walk in spirit and truth meaning we need to understand with logic in our minds but we need to be open to the word of the Lord coming to us epignosko to have true knowledge supernaturally imposed upon us dialogizomai that word means to try to figure it out through reasoning human deduction trying to use logic to figure things out when you only use that you come to the wrong conclusion I just want to share a short story that comes to my mind some friends of mine Sam and Linda years ago Sam had started a business Linda was not really involved in the business but Sam was he became a Christian and the business he had went out of business and he was discouraged he thought what is the deal with this but God was preparing him of course the enemy was wanting to discourage him and destroy him they went out of business and the company owed some money it owed about 400,000 dollars and the accountants were saying just declare bankruptcy and write it off but Linda said I don’t believe we’re to do that I believe that would be unjust because a lot of the money owed is to employees and they had saved about 400,000 dollar nest egg at that point in their life Linda said I believe we should use our own money and pay off the corporate debt well they did that Sam agreed ok yeah I can trust God let’s go ahead and do that he was fairly new in his walk with the Lord but they agreed to do that a few months went by guess what they got a bill from the I.R.S for 100,000 dollars in back payroll taxes and Sam thought oh my goodness I wish we would have saved at least 100,000 dollars now we don’t have any money we owe the I.R.S. 100,000 dollars what are we going to do he began to reason dialogizomai in his natural mind trying to figure it out Linda said you know what don’t worry about it Sam it’s not going to be a problem God told me Isaiah 54:17 no weapon that’s formed against you will prosper every tongue that accuses you in Judgement you will condemn this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication is from me declares the Lord she said that’s the word that God gave me God’s going to take care of this don’t worry about it Sam said whoah whoah wait a minute Linda what are you talking about here we can pray to God and ask for His mercy we can pray for world peace we can pray for the missionaries but this is the I.R.S. they’re not going anywhere they’re coming after us for 100,000 dollars we’re not going to pray that away Linda said Sam I’m telling you don’t worry about it God told me no weapon formed against we were obedient to God he told us to take that 400,000 dollars of our money and to use it to extinguish the corporate debt we were obedient to God he’s going to take care of us Sam just had the greatest trouble getting his mind around that how did Linda know that epignosko that was a word that just came to her God gave her that scripture made it real to her they didn’t know what what Linda made Sam do they took the paper from the I.R.S. this I.R.S. paper put it on the ground and Linda made Sam put his foot on it with her and quote this scripture no weapon formed against us will prosper and Sam shares later I had no faith in that I was just standing there thinking this is the most ridiculous thing and many of us who are logical business men we would think what is this standing on I.R.S paper no weapon formed against us this is just going to go away somehow or another he said you know what a couple of weeks went by he said we got another letter from the Texas state commission on taxes and Sam says I thought what now he opens that up and it says you miscalculated what you paid the state of Texas the I.R.S was not payroll taxes it was something else it was income tax or something and this was payroll tax it said you’ve over paid your payroll tax by 101,00 dollars or something like that Sam said I couldn’t believe it 100,00 dollars and they had sent a check back from the state of Texas Sam took it to the accountant the accountant said I went through the records, they’re wrong you got to send it back don’t cash it because it’s wrong Sam said I knew it was too good to be true so they sent it back Linda said don’t worry about it God will take care of this a few weeks later it came back with interest the accountant went back through it again and said no no no I calculated it right they sent it back again it came back again a third time with more interest finally the accountant said I don’t understand it just go ahead and cash it and they cashed it paid off the I.R.S. debt and that is epignosko Linda had a revelation from God from His word don’t worry about it God will take care of it Sam just struggled with his mind as a new believer and a businessman how is that going to happen God had a plan do you know what God did for Sam and Linda He’s no respecter of persons He will do the same thing for you you don’t need to try to figure it out you just need to hear what God says God is a God of miracles and I believe that God has supernatural miracles for you in your business in your family in every area of your life what God did for Sam and Linda I’ve had similar experiences in my family in my business in my ministry and you will too because that’s the nature of God God does supernatural things but we need to not be like the scribes always just trying to figure it out in our natural mind but to hear in the spirit let epignosko begin to happen learn how to receive in the spirit listen in the spirit and walk as supernatural people today walk not just as a natural man walk as a supernatural person expecting God to do miracles today God bless you


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