Romans 13:1-6

Wrongdoers Should Fear Authority


Romans 13:1-6 every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities for there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God therefore whoever resists authority is opposed the ordinance of God and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves for rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior but evil do you want to have no fear of authority do what is good and you will have praise from the same for it, that is authority is a minister of God to you for good but if you do what is evil be afraid for it does not bear the sword for nothing for it is a minister of God an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil therefore it’s necessary to be in subjection not only because of wrath but also for conscience sake for because of this you also pay taxes for rulers are servants of God devoting themselves to this very thing so we see here Paul saying that we are to be subject to the governing authorities I want to talk a little bit about the purpose of government some principles that we just see here in Romans 13 and many many people resist this as a matter of fact a lot of people don’t even realize what it says it does not say that every authority is from God it doesn’t mean every person who occupies a position of authority is from God but what it does mean is that the institution of authority comes from God and God uses it to bring fear to evil doers to stop people from injustice on the earth to stop people from harming others that is a legitimate function of government we need to understand that and part of what the enemy wants to do is use unjust authorities to wound people so that people do exactly the opposite of what Paul said to do here in Romans 13 people resist authority reject authority and actually bring harm to themselves there are 10 things I’d like to share with you today that Paul said that we see in Romans 13 about authority I didn’t get these myself actually I heard Kris Vallotten from Bethel speak these but I thought they were so good I just wanted to repeat it so that you would hear this 10 things that Romans 13 tells us number 1 everyone should be in subjection to the governing authorities Paul said so all authority, not all authorities all authority is from God, number 2 number 3 if you resist authority you’re resisting God number 4 rulers are a cause to fear if you have bad behavior in other words if you’re doing evil not if you’re doing good you don’t need to fear rulers if you’re doing good number 5 God said to make sure that people who do evil behavior should fear the government that’s a correct thing the government has a sword number 6 God has commissioned government authority to carry a sword to discipline wrong behavior number 7 government is authorized to bring the wrath of God number 8 government officers or officials are ministers the actual word there is deacons in Greek they are deacons or ministers of God so when a policeman you see the red and blue flashing lights coming after you because you’ve been speeding remember that the minister of God is coming to your life number 9 government should render fear to evil doers evil people should fear government and number 10 this was written by Paul in Nero’s day and Nero was a very evil Emperor I mean some people say yeah but you don’t know what our government’s like today it’s unrighteous, it’s wrong, it’s evil no, Paul wrote this when Nero was his governor Nero was his king Nero was the guy that used to light up his garden with human sacrifices by taking Christians and making human lanterns out of them by dipping them in oil and lighting them on fire Nero was the guy that took delight in torturing people torturing Christians to death so this wasn’t written in a peaceful time when it was easy to submit to authority this was written in a time when the human person occupying the supreme leadership position of Caesar was not a righteous person not a good person what we need to realize from this is God uses authority in our lives and the purpose of the enemy is to use injustice to get you wounded so that you rebel against authority and I find many many people have been wounded by a father wounded by a teacher wounded by a pastor wounded by police wounded by an employer and as a result of that they’ve allowed that wound to fester they’ve got bitter in their heart and it creates a rebellion and a resistance against authority and when you do that you don’t harm the authority you harm yourself you put yourself outside of God’s grace this is what Peter tells us in 1 Peter 2 I can’t remember if it’s first or second Peter but we’ll cover that in another time what you need to realize is that God’s favor is poured out upon those who understand how to honor God above an authority or through an authority to be subject to the governing authorities so government has a role to bring peace to bring righteousness and to bring justice and our job is to learn how to abide under that authority a critical thing so I just want to pray for you today if you’ve been wounded by authority and you’ve had bitterness in your heart to this day today would be a great day to repent ask God to forgive you for harboring bitterness against a teacher, a father a mother, a pastor policeman, an employer somebody in the past, so let’s pray Father would you just expose today have I harbored bitterness against an authority that makes it difficult for me to submit to authorities today and if God brought somebody to your mind would you just repent ask God to forgive you for judgement for bitterness in your heart just say Father I repent of my bitterness of my judgement toward that authority that hurt me yeah it’s true they were unjust but God, Jesus Yeshua paid for that and I accept his blood as being enough today and because of his blood I release that person and would you just say that I forgive…. and say the name of that authority that wounded you and if you’ve had a rebellious attitude toward authorities would you come before God and just repent and say Father forgive me for my rebellion I want to learn how to submit to authority and trust you to work through authority so Father I pray blessing upon each one of us as we learn to abide under authority and understand the proper function of government on our lives in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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