I Timothy 2:1-2

Pray For Our Leaders


1Timothy 2:1-2 first of all then I urge that in treaties and prayers petitions and thanksgivings be made on behalf of all men for kings and all who were in authority so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity Paul here encourages us to pray for our leaders prayer releases God’s spirit over the land do you know complaining and cursing releases the enemy over our land and Paul tells us right here what the purpose of government is he says 4 things that Government is supposed to do that when government is implemented we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in godliness and dignity so God’s intent is that government creates an environment of tranquility godliness and dignity and peace in the land so when we criticize government leaders we’re participating with the enemy in creating just the opposite an environment of turmoil and chaos not an environment of peace I find that a lot of people think that their job is to criticize everything wrong with leaders with their boss with their Pastor with their Governor with their President or Prime Minister do you know it’s not hard to find something wrong with somebody I mean everyone of us are sinners there’s only one perfect His name is Yeshua so to find something wrong with somebody is not hard but let’s create a culture of blessing in our nation in the company where we are in the business that we run in our family and how do we do that? by praying for our leaders so first thank God for the good qualities of the government maybe you think of 10 bad qualities well let’s proclaim the good qualities that we know about and then let’s pray blessing on our leaders so lets pray lets spend a little bit of time right now just praying that God would lead the leaders of our nations that God would lead our province or our state our city, our business our church that we’re a part of our congregation that God would bring about peace in our society so let’s just pray for our leaders right now as Paul instructed us and we may be living in different nations people are watching this Daily Spirit and Truth in all kinds of different nations but pray for the leader of your nation, in your city so Father we join together right now we pray for the leader of the nation the President or Prime Minister today Father use that person powerfully in our nation to create an environment of peace Father would you give that President that Prime Minister here in the United States would you give our President Father your wisdom your anointing to lead surround that person with godly people Father surround the leader of every nation Father where we find ourselves with godly people Father we pray for the mayor or the leader of the city in which we dwell would you make this a city of peace of dignity an environment where people can fulfill a destiny Father we pray for the leaders of our city of our state or province of our nation we thank you for these leaders thank you for them and God I pray blessing upon every one of them even those that we don’t agree with their policies some of them Father we see problems with character but God we recognize your hand upon these leaders and Father we just bind together today and say Lord would you use the leaders above us in our business in our congregation in our city Father in our province or state in our nation use them to establish an environment of peace tranquility godliness and dignity in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen and I encourage you to take a little more time with your family just pray for the President the Prime Minister the Congressional leaders or parliamentary leaders in your nation today pray that God would use these people just take a little bit of time and do that now and I encourage you pray regularly for government leaders in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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