Luke 13:18-21

How the Church Influences Society


Luke 13:18-21 so he was saying what is the kingdom of God like and to what shall I compare it it’s like a mustard seed which a man took and threw into his own garden and it grew and became a tree and the birds of the air nested in its branches and again He said to what shall I compare the kingdom of God it is like leaven which a woman took and hid in 3 peck measures of flour until it was all leavened this is Yeshua’s example or model of how we as believers are to change society we’re not primarily called to confront people to go out and tell them all the things that are wrong what we’re really called to do is to be leaven what’s the leaven principle leaven just influences a few people and then a few people, and a few people you just put a little bit of leaven and it influences the entire lump or a mustard seed something very small that impacts a very large sphere around it we’re called to influence society by changing atmosphere have you ever seen an atmosphere change where you can have a negative atmosphere somebody walks in with a positive attitude with a positive word changes everything one man told me this story he was at work and the employees at lunchtime would just criticize and complain about the management they don’t care about us they don’t pay us what we’re worth they don’t ever listen to us and this man just broke in and said you know what I’m so grateful to have a job this is an awesome company to work at you know at the last job I had they didn’t pay me near as much as they pay me here we get more time off than we probably really deserve you know I find that when I talk to my boss he listens to me quite a lot and he’s implemented several of the suggestions that I’ve had and it’s changed our work space and just by that man saying that it changed the whole atmosphere and the other people started chiming in and going you know probably really isn’t that bad here maybe this is a pretty good place to work how do we influence as leaven you can change atmospheres change the atmosphere in your marriage change the atmosphere in your family change the atmosphere in your workplace change the atmosphere in an entire city when you just get a little bit of leaven you can change the whole thing I know a man a pastor who had come to the LORD and was delivered out of a homosexual lifestyle about 30 years ago he became a pastor started a church guess what community he began to reach in to the LGBT community from which he came he has attracted now several hundred people many of whom have been totally transformed in their life others are in the process of transformation and do you know how he got a lot of people to be established in the identity that God created for them you know how that happened? not by criticizing them not by telling them all the things that were wrong by just being leaven and he was attractive to other people as other people from his community began to get free become established in the gender God created them that was attractive to other people they aren’t going around telling people what’s wrong with them but what they’re doing is just living their life in a positive environment full of life full of light people are attracted to that and it’s transformational they’re transforming an entire community in their city because of the leaven principle just being leaven walking in light walking in life loving God blessing people around them it’s infectious, it’s contagious everybody wants to be around positive people nobody wants to be around people that are critical that are judgmental that are telling everybody what’s wrong and I believe God wants to raise up believers in Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah in every one of the 7 spheres you know in government in business in arts and entertainment in media in every sphere God wants to raise up believers who are leaven in those spheres and I believe that there are many of us who are watching this we’re to be those people our children are to be those people light and life leaven in the environment God has called us to when you release the light and the life and the love of God to people around you you’ll change the atmosphere so that’s why I like to say frequently love God with all your heart bless people don’t criticize people don’t curse people don’t tell them all the things wrong with them bless people find the good things in people call out those good things in your family in your coworkers in the people that you spend time with today bless people and you will make a difference God Bless You


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