Proverbs 13:22

A Good Man Leaves an Inheritance for Two Generations


Proverbs 13:22 a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children and the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous I just want to focus on this first part that says a good man leaves an inheritance for at least 2 generations most people are in debt they can’t even leave an inheritance to anyone it’s interesting that it says we’re to leave an inheritance to our children’s children why does it say grandchildren I was thinking about that just think about this at the age when most people might pass away they’d be 80 say 90 years old how old will their children be probably 50 or 60 how old are the grandchildren 20 or 30 just think about this when do you need money when you’re 50 or 60 or when you’re 20 or 30 when you’re starting out and I think most people would answer when you’re 20 or 30 that’s why God in His wisdom said you create an inheritance for your children’s children for the grandchildren you know 4 generations ago everyone had a house no one borrowed money from a bank nobody had any debt do you know how people had a house with no debt generational blessing people believed this in those days grandparents would help their children and help their grandchildren to buy a house, or many times not buy a house but they’d go buy the materials and together as a community and an extended family they would build a house it’s called generational blessing this is a cultural blessing in most of our cultures today we’ve lost it where each generation says I made it on my own and you’re going to make it on your own and we have no blessing that flows from one generation to the next why don’t we choose to bless our children and our grandchildren how would we do it a lot of people don’t know I didn’t know and back in year 2000 God sort of lit a fire under Jan and me to eliminate our debt we did some natural things God did some supernatural things and the primary debt we had was a mortgage on our house it was paid off in 3 years when we obeyed God and God did natural things then God gave us a vision how could we make a house available to our children without them having to go to a bank and borrow money and God gave us a plan I call it now the GOOD PLAN G.O.O.D. Get Out Of Debt and in the G.O.O.D. Plan I’ve got a video series by that name I encourage you to have a look at it I outline the plan that God showed us of how to leave an inheritance for our children’s children how to insure that our grandchildren would never have to go to a bank to borrow money for 30 years or any period of time in order to own a house God gave us a plan we set that plan in motion in our family I don’t think God is a respecter of persons I believe what God did for us He will do for you as well a lot of people look at that and go how would it be possible my children could have a house without borrowing money from a bank how can my grandchildren have a house without borrowing money from a bank here’s what I want to tell you Jan and I own a house we don’t have a mortgage on it our son Josh and his wife Kelsey they own a house they didn’t borrow money from a bank Johnny and his wife will buy a house in the near future they won’t borrow money from a bank and our grandchildren will not borrow money from a bank to have a house, why God gave us a plan to be good men and women and leave an inheritance to our children’s children I encourage you to pray about that check that out because again God isn’t a respecter of persons what he did for us I believe he will do for you let’s just pray Father I pray that you’d give each one of us your plan, your vision how could I be a good man or a good woman a good couple leave an inheritance to our children’s children Father would you give us a revelation what you want us to do and Lord we will begin to embark on the very practical specific things you show us Lord show each one of us and I thank you for doing that in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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