Philippians 3:17

Follow the Pattern


Philippians 3:17 brethren join and following my example and observe those who walk according to the pattern you have in us we’re following a little series here in the book of Philippians and part of what I want to share with you is some things that I found bring great stress as a matter of fact over the course of the next little while I want to talk about five things that bring great stress into a person’s life and this is talking about following somebody who’s out ahead of you in the life that you wish to pursue and we’ll talk more about that in just a moment every one of us need to find competent mentors and follow that person follow the pattern that they’ve set for us but let’s back up for just a moment back to verse 14 Paul said I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus let us therefore, as many as are perfect have this attitude and if in anything you have a different attitude God will reveal that also to you however, let us keep living by that same standard to which we have attained so we’re to find a goal press on toward that goal I found one of the greatest stresses that can come into our lives is pursuing things that are not according to the vision that God has given us I found at various times in my life I have to take stock of this probably every 6 months Lord am I really pursuing the vision or have I allowed` all kinds of other things that are not really your vision to come into my life that are consuming my time consuming my energy and they’re not according to the vision the reason is this is true in business it’s true in your personal life it’s true in your walk with the LORD if God has given you a vision and a purpose and you’re following it one man said this you know how to kill a man with a vision give him two what that means is if you’re distracted by a second vision it’ll knock you off the vision God has given you and I find that people get stressed out when they have distractions and too many things in their life so that’s the very first point first stress comes from pursuing things that are not according to the vision God has given you and then Paul instructs us here follow my example he says follow the pattern observe those who walk according to the pattern you have in us Paul actually gave them a pattern It’s critical for every one of us to find somebody who is ahead of us in business if you’re building a business it’s critical that you find somebody ahead of you who’s gone ahead of you who’s built a bigger business along the lines of what you want what God has called you to build if you’re building a ministry or church critical to have other mentors involved in your life who can help you note the pattern of conducting business, ministry, church whatever it is and follow that pattern don’t deviate from it don’t reinvent the wheel all the time some people just want to reinvent the wheel everytime I’m not saying don’t be creative and don’t embrace new ideas but what I’m saying is make sure to follow what God has shown you to do every one of us need 3 types of people in our lives you need to have a Paul that’s somebody that’s ahead of you in the vision you need to have a Barnabas that’s a peer that’s somebody that can encourage you and walk with you and you need to have a Timothy that’s somebody that you’re leading that you’re mentoring you’re discipling you’re bringing along just think about it just stop and think do I have at least one Paul do I have at least oneTimothy do I have at least one Barnabas somebody that I can just share with that isn’t leading me anywhere and is not somebody I have to pour in to but somebody I can just be a peer with is there a Timothy that I’m leading but in this scripture Paul says make sure you have at least one competent mentor ahead of you that can take you help lead you where you’re going I found several mentors in my life not hundreds of them I could count true mentors on one hand yet it would only be two, three that are real key ones but they’re people that God has gifted and put in my life that I can follow that I can receive a pattern from and that I can learn from so I pray that today you identify who are the Pauls in your life and also who are the Timothys in your life and if you don’t have any you might seek God God would you send me a Paul who can lead me in business who can lead me in Family who can disciple me and train me in the things of God I need a Paul in my life that’s my prayer for you today that you would first of all identify the Pauls what is the pattern follow them, walk with them and don’t let yourself be distracted by things that are not according to the vision that God has given you and if you’ll do that and walk in that pattern God will abundantly bless you grow your business bless your family bless your intimate walk with Him and today as you go through life love God with all your heart bless people around you and you will make a difference


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