Philippians 4:8

Let Your Mind Dwell on Good Things


Philippians 4:8 finally Brethren whatever is true whatever is honorable whatever is right, whatever is pure whatever is lovely whatever is of good repute if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise dwell on these things what does your mind dwell on the things that are of God the things that are good or all the things that are negative all the things other people around you might say about you or about other people I find that when somebody starts saying something negative especially about a leader it is so easy to join in and think of all the negative things about that leader as well whether it’s a political leader a business leader or a spiritual leader when people start saying negative things everybody else just sort of joins in and when you do that you create an environment of cursing you’re really letting the mind of the devil come in to the environment and you’re bringing forth the exact opposite of what Paul says to do so let your mind dwell on things that are honorable pure, right, good, worthy of praise avoid negative thinking avoid negative and people who just want to gossip people who are defiling people who want to say evil things about other people you know it’s best just to excuse yourself from that kind of an environment filter the information coming into your mind through what God says you know what I find everyday you will hear negative things about people you’ll hear negative things about government negative things about your family and most of all your own heart even tells you negative things about you other people around will confirm it and what Paul says here is sure, you’re going to hear those things don’t let your mind dwell on them don’t let your mind dwell on things that are not praise worthy honorable, good, right pure, things of God years ago, I was doing volunteer counseling at a church and a man I had counseled a couple a man called me up on a Sunday, very angry very upset found my home number told me I had ruined his marriage and all that sort of thing do you know for two days I stewed about that I believed what this man said I thought probably I’m no good at doing this, I should quit I shouldn’t try to be in ministry I should never have ministered to anybody or counsel anybody and you know what I found out after 2 days the man came for another appointment confessed to me that he had been drunk when he said that and I thought, I can’t believe for two days I believed what a man in a drunken rage said to me, about me and I let my mind dwell on his words and all the things that he said about me rather than letting my mind dwell on what God said it hadn’t even occurred to me to ask God God what do you say is what that man said true I didn’t even ask God I just received it and dwelt on that and it was poison on the inside poisoning my mind it was making me emotionally and physically ill and I thought I can’t believe I let a man in a drunken rage determine my destiny for two entire days when I saw him again he repented he confessed what he had done he said I got drunk I got angry my wife and I had a big fight and I blamed you and I decided to call you up while I was drunk please forgive me would you still be willing to meet with us and I almost laughed I thought, I can’t believe it I let the words of a drunken man in a rage control my life for two days that’s the opposite of what Paul says dwell on things that are good that are pure, that are right and so today as you go through your day you’ll encounter people that will say negative things about you, about your family perhaps about other people don’t join in with them don’t dwell on those things let your mind dwell on the things that are honorable, right, pure and worthy of praise promote those things dwell on those things and you will create an environment of blessing it’ll change the atmosphere you have authority to change atmospheres where you go so I encourage you to do that today let your mind dwell on the things that Paul said are right and pure and Holy and good and you will be a blessing to others today I pray that for you in Jesus’ name Amen


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