Philippians 4:12-13

Know How to Both Abound and Abase


Philippians 4:12-13 I know how to get along with humble means I also know how to live in prosperity in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry both of having abundance and suffering need I can do all things through Him who strengthens me Paul says here he’s learned to abound and to abase do you know that everything that’s alive grows and prunes grows and prunes, there are cycles things go up, they go down they expand they contract everything that’s alive does that and it very critical to understand both short term and long term cycles and seasons there are times when your business will be on a huge growth curve and then there are times when it’s going to contract and the same with the economy the same with your marriage there are going to be times when you’re in a season that you’re just on a mountaintop and then there’s going to be other times when it’s more difficult and you’re more in a valley and what Paul said is I have learned how to handle both of them and that’s a key most people think I just want everything to be good all the time I just want growth to happen all the time if you’re a pastor of a church I just want the church to grow all the time you know it doesn’t work that way churches grow and they contract if you’re a business person you’re thinking I just want growth, growth growth, growth, no it doesn’t work that way businesses grow, they contract plants, they grow, they prune they grow they prune actually a good husbandman or a gardener will come and actually prune the plant why so it can grow more God will do that in our own lives so what Paul says is learn how to understand seasons we’re talking about things that frustrate people in business, and in life the fourth frustration the fourth thing that causes stress pressure, frustration is not understanding and discerning cycles and seasons what happens if you think it’s summer but unfortunately it’s winter winter’s the time if you’re a farmer winter is the time that you repair your equipment you prepare for planting but if you’re out trying to harvest or plant, or grow in the middle of winter you’re going to be very frustrated so you have to understand the season understand what season we’re in now understand what season is coming for example housing markets here in the United States, where I live I was taught all my life house prices always go up and then we came to 2008 we had a big reversal house prices went down people were shocked and surprised then they went up again and you know, if you’re not prepared for the next season you don’t do the things that are necessary to prepare don’t fret when down times come that’s not a bad thing prepare for it, understand it recognize the current season that you’re in, in your marriage current season you’re in in your physical health the current season that you’re in, in the economy in your business and prepare for the next season plan your strategy take advantage of long term trends not to lose your position because of a short term fluctuation that goes against you a lot of times I’ve been in business a lot of my adult life as well as in ministry and you know there are short term fluctuations in markets short term fluctuations in sales it goes up and you could be in a long term uptrend but some people lose what they have because of a short downtime or opposite you could be in bear trend, going down and if you have the wrong map in your mind you keep thinking it’s going to go up, you’re going to hold the wrong position for example in trading stocks or shares in things in a share market so recognize that the Lord is your source He’s your strength and it’s not your work it’s not your efforts you can only accomplish the vision through walking with God walking in relationship with Him He will prepare you for the seasons so are you in a season of abounding a season of abasing do you know what the next season is have you learned like Paul has to abase and to abound so that it’s ok to have down times and it’s ok to have cycles that go down ok to have cycles that go up Paul said I’ve learned how to abase and abound I get them both and it’s ok, either way it doesn’t matter to me I’ve learned how to make God my source not depending on a particular trend that I want to go my way that is so powerful in business it’s also very powerful in relationship in growing a church or a congregation or a ministry to understand you’re going to grow you’re going to prune you’re going to grow and you prune if you understand and prepare for the next cycle and the next season, you’ll prosper if you get caught blindsided then you’re going to have difficulty but in any case God is your source He’s your strength and He will walk with you through that time so I pray for you today that you would have discernment of cycles and seasons in your life in your family, in your business that you would know how to prepare for the next season that’s coming I pray for that discernment for you in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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