Philippians 4:17

Increase Your Treasures in Heaven Account


Philippians 4:17 not that I seek the gift itself but I seek for the profit which increases to your account what is Paul talking about here he’s talking about the fact that everybody has a treasures in heaven account he’s talking here about offerings back in the verses before that he’s talking to the Philippians and he’s saying no church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving but you alone for even in Thessalonica you sent a gift more than once for my needs so he’s talking about the fact that Philippians the Philippians were giving an offering and Paul says Thank you very much it wasn’t because I was seeking the gift I didn’t need you to give to me because God is my source I was wanting you to give so that it would accumulate in your account what account is he talking about but I seek from the profit which increases in your account I believe every one of us have a treasures in heaven account Yeshua talked about that in Matthew 6:19-20 Said don’t lay up and store up treasure on earth where moth and rust corrupts and thieves break in and steal lay up treasures in heaven what does that mean I believe that is this when we give in offerings it actually accumulates in an account you can think of it as an actual account in heaven I call it the treasures in heaven account I first learned that from my good friend Earl Pitts he and I wrote a book together called Wealth Riches and Money but Earl always talked about the treasures in heaven account and I believe that is a real thing that we each have a treasures in heaven account when you give in offerings you deposit into the treasures in heaven account now the tithe we’ve talked about that at other times it is something entirely different than offerings the tithe is God’s money that you manage and steward on His behalf offerings is money that you give and what happens the tithe I believe is the minimum balance that keeps the treasures in heaven account open as a matter of fact Malachi talks about the windows of heaven being opened I believe that’s like the minimum balance that tithe is the minimum balance keeps the account active and open so what happens when you give in offerings it’s deposited in your treasures in heaven account and I believe later returns into your life again for Kingdom purpose in multiplied form so in this sense an offering or a gift that you give in the kingdom of God never actually leaves your hand it returns to you in multiplied form not to increase your lifestyle for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God God has an incredible economy that functions through giving and receiving we’re accustomed to functioning through buying and selling but you know giving and receiving creates a multiplication let me just give you an example one woman told me this story she had need of a camera and so she had been praying Lord I need a camera well some money came to her she was a missionary and some money came to her and she asked the LORD LORD is this for the camera should I use this money to buy the camera the LORD very clearly told her no don’t use that money to buy the camera but LORD I need a camera can I not just go buy it I have the money she felt like God very clearly said no that money is not for you to buy a camera OK LORD so she didn’t buy the camera you know what happened the next week another person came and gave her an almost brand new very expensive camera which was much better than the one she was intending to buy so now she had a camera now when the person gave that you know what happens it deposits in their treasures in heaven account where it multiplies and comes back to them later now this woman has a camera there was a multiplication from the person who gave so now this woman says LORD what am I supposed to do with this money that came the LORD directed her give that money in an offering for some other purpose she did that now what happens it’s deposited in her treasures in heaven account it’s credited to her account like Paul just said and it multiplies and come back in her future so there’s a multiplication for the person who gave the camera a multiplication for the woman who now gave into the Kingdom of God and it was credited to her account in heaven multiplication that way if she would have just used the money to go buy the camera that’s just a one time thing money’s gone now she has a camera and an exchange that’s it no multiplication God functions in an incredible way through giving and receiving most people if they have money they spend it because they have it it doesn’t even dawn on them to check with God God do you want me to use this money for this purpose or am I to give it to somebody else and somebody’s going to give me something that I need God functions in an incredible way through giving and receiving I believe that’s something that we need to learn so there’s a multiplication in God’s economy that happens through giving and receiving there’s no multiplication through buying and selling so make sure to keep your treasures in heaven account open through the tithe and learn how to multiply and credit to your account not because you’re selfish not because “oh I want more in my treasures in heaven account” no because we want to expand the kingdom we want to multiply resources for Kingdom purposes so I want to give and yes I’d love to have it come back in multiplied form so I can give again, ten times and have it come back in multiplied form so I can give again so there’s giving and receiving giving and receiving constantly passing through my life it’s a joy and a pleasure to use resource in the Kingdom of God and so that’s what Paul is saying here he’s saying thank you Philippians for your giving not because I need it no, God is my source but I was anxious to see an increase in your treasures in heaven account so thank you for giving I was seeking the profit that increases to your account I’m seeking today the profit that will increase to your account through your giving so I encourage you ask today God is there resource you put in my hands that I’m allowed to give that I could give into a ministry that I could give into a congregation that I could give to a missionary that I could give somewhere because I want to increase the balance in my treasures in heaven account and that is the power of giving so Father I pray for each one of us today LORD would you increase our giving I release a spirit of giving upon us Father that we might be as generous as the Philippians that we might see our accounts our treasures in heaven account grow and grow and grow that we might continue to be vessels that can give and see the Kingdom of God prosper all around us through resources that you flow through our hands Father would you do that would you increase the resources flowing through each of our hands that the profit might accrue to our treasures in heaven account that we might give more and increase your kingdom more in the mighty name of Yeshua I pray this I pray that for you today in Jesus name Yeshua’s name Amen


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