Psalm 53:2

Are You Really Hungry for God


Psalm 53:2 God has looked down from heaven upon the sons of men to see if there is anyone who understands who seeks after God I believe that’s a word for today God is looking down from heaven looking for people who passionately seek after God people who love God with all their heart will you be one of those people today? someone who puts God first in your life who loves God with all your heart when I met the LORD in 1972 I entered into covenant with God by the blood of Jesus the messiah I gave Him 100% of my life I pondered that for several weeks because I realized the consequence of that God you get the rest of my life I was single at the time looking forward to being married but I realized God if I give you my life you may ask me to be single for the rest of my life am I willing to do that I had to consider that yes I’m willing to do that willing to be single willing to be married I’m willing to be in business I’m willing to be a pastor I’m willing to be a missionary I’m willing to go to another country I’m willing to do anything you say LORD I will be like a coin in your pocket spend me on whatever you want for the rest of my life I was part of a fellowship where everybody thought that way when I first encountered people that were 100% sold out, that were in love with the LORD I was shocked I thought that was just for like full time ministers people that were pastors or nuns, or missionaries or something like that no these were normal people 100% sold out in love with the LORD Jesus Christ that’s the fellowship that I came in to and everybody was like that it was a small group of like 80 people on a college campus of 1600 here’s the amazing thing God so radically touched the lives of everyone of those 80 people there’s been a newsletter that’s been going on for over 4 decades still continues to this day every year a newsletter about what’s going on in the lives of the people that were involved in that college fellowship at that time All of those people 100% of them are still walking with God serving the LORD Jesus Christ Yeshua Ha Mashiach with all their hearts to this day I think about 80 or 90 people all of them got married I think virtually all of them out of that whole group there have only been two divorces in 40 years I mean that is that’s an astounding statistic that is not the normal statistic even in the church how can it be such a few number of people who are divorced I believe is because these were people who were 100% sold out to the LORD given their lives to the LORD willing to work out their own selfishness in their relationships that is a rare statistic God, the Bible says is looking down from heaven by the way I just sense that that’s no condemnationment to people who have been divorced I realize that many people have been divorced and for many of us it wasn’t your choice it wasn’t something you wanted it was something that was done to you and please don’t take that as any kind of judgment or condemnation I’m just saying that God did a very unusual thing with this small group of people and I believe that God is looking down from heaven today and saying are there people today that are 100% sold out for me? 100% will give me the rest of their life the Bible says in psalm 53:2 we just read God is looking down from heaven to see if there’s anyone who seeks after God who understands who wants God to whom, God is worth more than life itself than breath itself will you be one of those people who diligently loves God with all your heart pursues God today with all your heart make it your business to bless people around you today God is looking from heaven and looking for people like that I want to be one of them don’t you?


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